Sunday, August 11, 2013

the best trip of the year

summer finished off with the best trip of the whole year..jackson!
i was so lucky to have the summer off from teach for america and be able to meet my family on this trip even after our crazy china trip! chase was starting his new job and couldn't come, {boo} so i went solo..we all missed him, but it was so worth going! i've been coming here every year of my life, and my mom grew up coming here every year of her life it is a pretty special place. you can travel all over the world and never find a prettier place than this. i lost my first tooth in jackson, learned how to ride a bike in jackson, and had my first kiss there. my dad also was attacked by a bear there, but that's another story :)
there is nothing better than returning to the same place over and over to see how you, yourself have changed. here are some pictures from the best place ever..the tetons!
i wasn't sure if i should go on this trip after our 
crazy china adventure, but this sign answered it all.
beautiful colter bay
my crazy flight itinerary..jackson has such a small airport that there were no direct flights!
it was okay though, because at LAX i got to eat at lemonade and meet bill cosby! win.
also..the flight into the tetons was jaw dropping. i flew in right at dusk, 
and i got the prettiest view of my favorite mountains in the world. 
a fun day spent in town with mom
then, off to gorgeous colter bay and jackson lake. best place on earth.
this trip always provides the best food because it's all in the dutch oven!
and because my mom is the best cook in the world..
hiking taggart lake with my cutest niece maddie mae
i think kona loves jackson too, haha she slept in the hammock like this for an hour!!
lunches on the boat: turkey avocado bagel sandwiches, and our favorite drinks.
my little bestie
nothing like family time!
more amazing food
this peach-blueberry cobbler was my contribution to all of the dutch oven goodness
tagg & maddie// niece & nephew// do they come any cuter?
they are the only grandkids in my family right now, but we are thinking we will 
take a picture with the grandkids here every year as they add!
no place more relaxing than the boat!
my dad got this remote control toy boat, it entertained us for hours!
s'mores every night, and horses every morning!
nothing better than the tent cabins. i miss the campfire every night!
at the end of a perfect week, it was time to say goodbye to the tetons.
luckily i had cafe rio waiting for me at the SLC airport during my layover,
and my husband waiting for me in it was easier to go home.
p.s. ^^ that is what it looks like to fly home after a week 
of camping and no showers except for the lake! glamour! :)
thank you to my cutest parents for yet another amazing week in jackson.
love you!
xo is a little video of kona in the hammock, because it's too cute not to share


  1. What an amazing trip this was! Love all the pictures. :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip spent with family. :) I love that waterskiing photo! Go girl!

  3. beautiful! looks like such a fun trip.


  4. That looks like it was a fun time! Kona definitely seems to have mastered the art of holiday relaxation :)

    1. haha yes i think she relaxed the most out of all of us! XO

  5. Oh my gosh, you are adorable and I LOVE your blog. SO glad you found mine so that I could in return, discover yours. Also, Jackson Hole is one of my families favorite places in the world, and I have that "mountains are calling" quote displayed in my room. :) What an amazing vacation you must have had!

    1. you're adorable! i love that you have the mountains quote in your room-- that means we are kindred spirits! :) xo

  6. oh your cute puppy in the hammock. love it :) and love jackson! although i haven't been there since i was a kid. your pictures convinced me - i think i need to go back.

  7. Emi this trip looks so fun! It's so hard to go on trips without your husband, but once you're there, it's worth it! But I agree, it makes it easier to go home knowing you have someone waiting for you!

  8. you are so cute! and this trip looks like a DREAM

  9. The best trip! I've got to get your photos of the foodThe Dutch oven meals were so tasty.

  10. Yum, those Dutch oven meals look so great! I love Kona in the hammock... I bet Jackson Hole is a dog's dream come true!


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