Thursday, September 19, 2013

cannon beach: glassblowing and galleries

as part of the travel show we just filmed, we had 
the chance to watch a glassblower at work at icefire 
glassworks... as well as explore the charming little 
town of cannon beach and all of its galleries and shops.

one of my favorite things about cannon beach is the small-town feel with the darling charm. all of the houses and

buildings look the same with little shingles and white picket
fences. the town is so classy yet so laid back. and, every single
store welcomes dogs. that right there lets you know that it's a
good place! i also love the cozy weather and rare windows of
bright sun. it's a dreamy little place! we had fun exploring
galleries together, and especially watching a glassblower
through the entire process of making! 

here are some highlights:
getting touched up before filming the glass blowing..haha!
don't worry, the boys only had their faces blotted to get shiny oils off :)
getting excited to film the live glassblowing!

watching the glass blower. i have to say, this was one of the most interesting crafts to watch. this guy took the hot glass pieces in and out of a blazing oven over 20 times, spinning in to shapes and adding different colors as he went. the end result was beautiful! we all loved seeing how it was made. 
we ate at all the best spots cannon beach has to offer, including pizza a'fetta, cannon beach café, seasons
café {a favorite!!!}, EVOO, fultano's, and more. 

i'm still full!
darling downtown
also see our dreamy beach house, our yoga session over the ocean, and our surf lessons that were all part of this travel shoot. still more to come!


  1. I saw murano glass blowing once in Venice! Pretty cool!

    Awesome about the travel show! xoxo

    1. that's amazing! i was remembering how venice had so much glass art when we visited, so it was fun to see it be made! XO

  2. Everything from your trip looks so amazing! I cannot wait for y'alls episode to air- keep us posted!

  3. This looks so fun! :) I would love to visit some day.

  4. Such an amazing trip, I'm jealous!

  5. Amazing! I would love to visit some day like you.
    halong bay cruise

  6. Too many people coming to CB as it is. I miss the great place we vacationed every summer in the 70s. Small town with artists and only a few tourists. Those were the days.


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