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guest post: money saving tips for destination weddings!

i don't do very many guest posts on the blog, but this one on affordable destination weddings caught my eye because some of our most popular posts are about our wedding, and travel tips to save money! so, i thought this could be a helpful and fun post to read. we had our wedding at home because we were about to move away to california together, but a lot of people are starting to do gorgeous destination weddings these days, and i love these tips that shantelle vey put together for us. 
Let’s Runaway Together
There is something incredibly romantic about a couple that decides to elope on a 
romantic destination wedding. However, more and more often the decision 
to be wed elsewhere is motivated by the financial incentives of having a 
wedding honeymoon combination experience. Skeptical about how getting 
married in a dream location could save you thousands? Keep reading! 
Image taken from My Inspired Wedding

Guest List
If you go through your guest list, you’ll probably find three different groups of people; individuals that you truly love and feel close to, people that you’re familiar with but 
feel obligated to invite and, thirdly, family members that your mom and dad insist on inviting. When you get married hundreds or thousands of miles from home, the latter two categories can be lopped off the list with a lot less emotional drama than if the 
wedding is located fairly close by. Additionally, the list will thin naturally as 
some people will be unable to afford to take time off work or travel.

Be Flexible and Shrewd
Before you hand out your save the dates, do your research on the best time to visit 
certain resorts. If you can travel in the slow season or compromise on what day 
you depart, you may also be eligible for discounted tickets. Although you may 
have envisioned a “summer” wedding or a romantic winter getaway, being 
flexible about when you go to certain destinations can dramatically cut 
back on the cost. Additionally, question your priorities when choosing a locale; 
if you insist on being married with the Eifel Tower as your backdrop, your options are somewhat limited; if you want a “pretty beach” with palm trees and clean waters, the blue waters of nearby Mexico may do the trick just as well as distant, expensive Fiji.

Shop around before settling on a specific resort, as many of them will throw in perks like free room upgrades or complimentary access professionals like resident officiators and caterers in order to win your business. Don’t expect all the incentives to be listed on the website; call a representative and ask specifically about what can be included 
(Sandals is a prime example of a resort who offers plenty of benefits).
Image taken from Bridal Guide

Let Your Location Shine 
With a destination wedding, very often you don’t truly know what you are getting until 
you get there, only giving you a few days to put it all together. Travel to the location 
prior to the big day to consult with a local planner (many resorts will provide one 
free of charge).  Because you’re traveling great distances for the specific backdrop, 
don’t detract from it with ornate decorations and, instead, utilize simple items to 
enhance the natural beauty. Minimizing floral arrangements and instead using elements like seashells, lanterns and candles will save you a boatload of money. If you’re 
having a beach or outdoor affair, keep the dress simple; dragging a full, puffed-out 
skirt through the sand will make you miserable, so find a gown that you can move 
about comfortably in and is appropriate for the surroundings; wedding dress vendors 
like David’s Bridal allow you to browse through selections by style and silhouette, 
and even have a section specifically for destination weddings.

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