Tuesday, September 17, 2013

yoga over the ocean in cannon beach

what could be more relaxing than yoga over the misty ocean?
our trip set up a yoga instructor at ecola state park overlooking cannon beach, and
we even got the boys to join us! it was so relaxing and a perfect start to the vacation...
even though we were being filmed while doing crazy poses! we were so lucky to get to invite friends on this shoot-- it made all of these activities even better.

see our dreamy beach house here!

thanks to christen from cannon beach yoga arts for this fun little outing,
and amazing photographer george vetter for a lot of the photos!
our set photographer keith captured some fun ones too.

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  1. That's so fun you got to invite friends! Abby is so cute!


    1. i know! we were so lucky that they offered the chance for us to invite 2 couple friends! it made it the best vacation :)

  2. This is so great! Ralph is killing me in these pics! What a fun weekend for darling friends :)

  3. What a beautiful place to have a yoga session! Love this!!
    xo TJ

  4. I'm super jealous! Ever since moving to the beach in April I've looked for an ocean front/view class and there is nothing here.

  5. Hi, thank you for the comment on my blog! I'm following you now! You have an amazing blog!


  6. Oh my goodness, how I would LOVE to take a yoga class outside!

  7. ummmmm what's better than avenues yoga?? YOGA over THE BEACH!!!! Insane in the membrane


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