Thursday, September 19, 2013

haystack rock

as part of filming the travel show, we got to spend time on cannon beach learning about the famous haystack rock and the tidepools. we got a little burst of sunshine while filming this segment, so needless to say- we enjoyed it! cannon beach is cozy and cloudy most of the time which i love, but it makes the breaks of sun even better when they happen. 

the great volunteers from the haystack rock awareness program taught us so much! 
some favorite things we learned were:
  • that starfish are really called "sea stars" ..this is a way better name!
  • ^^ these sea stars can be all different colors just like people have different eye colors
  • puffins are the cutest animals on earth 
  • haystack rock is 235 feet and has 200,000 visitors per year
  • haystack rock is the 3rd tallest intertidal structure in the world
  • there are so many living species alive on the rock, including things called sea slugs..ha!
freezing frolicking!
we LOVED the film crew
gorgeous shot of di & ted
filming a little jogging on the beach scene. i love this photo 
because it captures us doing one of our favorite things together!
close up at haystack rock
love these friends.
to see more from our travel shoot, click here! highlights include:


  1. this is awesome that you have a travel show! I love it. are the videos online? I live in the bay as well :)

    1. i love that you live in the bay! we wish we had our own travel show, this is just a PBS travel show we were asked to be on through the blog! maybe one day :)
      where in the bay do you live?

  2. Hello darling thanks for popping in and left a nice comment on my blog......well captured all those photos...lovely



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