Tuesday, May 20, 2014

blondes reunited!

when ashley surprised me for my birthday with
plane tickets to visit us in SF, i couldn't WAIT!
such a fun surprise and so perfect to finally get 
her out here. we traveled all over europe together
during our study abroad in france, and she is the
best travel buddy. up for anything, loves all the
same food and activities as me, will always split 
meals with me, hilarious, low-maintenance,
exactly what you want in a travel partner. we've 
spent hundreds of hours on european trains, 
seen almost every city in france, explored 
every single square inch of paris all summer,
biked through amsterdam, eaten too many waffles 
in belgium, met lots of euro friends, hitchhiked, 
stayed in hostels, visited the most amazing sites, 
spent our life savings in switzerland, studied 
french together, lived with local families, 
had hilarious experiences, and just bonded like
you can't in any other way. i think travel brings
out the best and worst in people, and there is nothing
that brings people closer than experiencing new
places, figuring things out, and having the very
best times..with a few mishaps and funny stories
mixed in :) basically, she is the best friend and i have
been missing her---having her out here for her first
time ever in san francisco brought me back to the days
of backpacking through europe and seeing everything
possible...except this time i live here, we speak the
language, and we weren't hauling huge bags around :)
i love this friend and hope we always travel together!
^^ it was a beautiful {but windy} weekend!
^^ we had to take her to our very favorite breakfast
first thing. warning- this weekend included lots of food..
and lots of pictures. don't say i didn't warn you.
^^ with my bff & husband,
waiting for brunch. can't complain.
^^ we did the typical jumping picture 
at the bridge which was fun...
^^ until ash FELL. on the ground. 
real life. i'm still crying laughing. 

^^ and, she's up!
^^ "no pictures please"
i guess he has taken a lot here 
so he can get away with this :)
^^ more good food, yes please.

^^ we saw swan parents with their BABY swans
at the palace of fine arts. can't handle!

^^ we drove across the bridge to sausalito,
ashley LOVED it. who doesn't? i snapped
this picture out the window as we drove 
through town because...that city view!!!

^^ new discovery in sausalito thanks to our 
friend amy... le garage french bistro! one of 
the best croque monsieurs. it took us right 
back to our days in france where 
we ate lots and lots of those! 

^^ this restaurant is a hidden gem because it's outside
of the town of sausalito and out on the water in an
old wharehouse...hence the name le garage. YUM.

then back across the bridge! never gets old.
^^ up coit tower

^^ i had to take the biggest nordstrom fan 
to the biggest nordstrom ever! hello 7 levels.

^^ and, a stop at mocca on maiden lane. we finally 
tried their famous tri-tip sandwich and we were all 
BIG fans. i'm just a little worried because this 
place is a 5 minute walk from our apt.. so we
might come back here a little too much. also, it's
darling-- i would come just to sit in that alleyway!

^^ next up, chinatown!

^^ do you think we ate a lot this weekend?

^^ please go to sweetheart cafe in chinatown
and get an avocado boba smoothie. sounds weird,
but don't knock it until you try it. incredible.

^^ we discovered the basketball court that will smith
goes to in "the pursuit of happyness" (yes happiness is
spelled like that for this movie). then we had to go home
that night and watch the movie again of course. love it.

^^ the cable car museum, another
favorite. i still can't understand how 
those things work. it is mind blowing!

^^ nick's crispy tacos never fails us,
we stayed and talked after eating 
for 2 more hours... the best night.

^^ chase insisted we take ash to his favorite place,
and none of us complained. yum yum yum.
^^ we fit in some late night cako cupcakes
and, the bay bridge at night...
^^ we even got her to google SF!
^^ and then, the most important stop of all...

^^ goodbyes are made easier with chocolate + promises 
to come back soon! adore you ash!


  1. Looks like the best time ever!! But how could it not be when you had your best friend with you! We went to Brydisi in the Alley (Belden Place) and had the best Risotto of my life there - like seriously I still dream about it!!

  2. You seem like the world's best tour guide.

  3. I always tell people that you can truly find out A LOT about another person by traveling with them! I miss my friends that I studied abroad with, and this makes me miss them more! There's such a great bond from leaving everything behind to live in some strange country and travel all over! Love this post!
    Katelyn // Relatively Offbeat

  4. This is such a sweet post. You two clearly are best friends! Your energy and happiness around each other is evident even through photographs. Looks (as always) like you had a great time around your city.

  5. What a great weekend! What is your favorite brunch spot, that looked amazing! Yum, I love Nick's Tacos...now I want some! Have you been to Underdogs in the Sunset? It's the same owner as Nicks and so delicious. It's a fun spot to watch games too!

  6. HA! The basketball court we spotted you on. That was so funny tim and I were dying with how creepy we felt. And yes, windiest day ever. I had about 3 different layers in my purse I kept peeling off and putting on.

  7. Great pics! Looks like you two had a great time. Makes me miss home!

  8. cutest blondes in san fran! such a fun weekend!

  9. Looks like you are all are having so much fun!!! :-)

  10. Friends are the best! There is nothing like reuniting in a fun city. This is so sweet! Where in the city did you go to get the awesome bridge photos? xox


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