Wednesday, May 28, 2014

yosemite video

our memorial day was so great this year.
we spent it in yosemite national park
and climbed half dome. i am still
speechless from the beauty!
we are so glad we went
with our favorite
friends. they
made it so
it's kind of becoming a tradition to spend
memorial day with these friends -- both years
we've done pretty amazing
the coast...and this year was just as great!
here is a fun little video of our weekend:

ps...the camera we use in this video 
is our GOPRO, it is the best. we also
used iPhone and our canon t4i to film
some shots. see another favorite video
using the GOPRO right here.


  1. Wow! You honestly do some pretty incredible stuff. What kind of camera do you guys have? Just wondering what kind of cameras can be used on that arm extender thing you guys have. It is pretty awesome!

    1. you're so nice! we have a GOPRO and it's the best. we also use iPhone and our Canon DSLR for some shots, but gopro gets the best. our favorite video we've made used the GOPRO, you can see it here!

  2. You just seem like fun people...and the scenery in that video is amazing.

  3. I want to hang out with you! We would get along so well, hehe. Love sweets and adventures! Such a cute video.

    xx C @

  4. Um whoa you are so brave! Also that video is adorable!



  5. Oh my goodness! Looks like so much fun!

    stop by,

  6. Amazing! Great adventurers!

  7. So I love reading your blog every day. This is perfect. You and Chase are the cutest couple ever. Miss you!


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