Thursday, May 22, 2014

life lately: may

life lately -- may is upon us!
actually, let's be honest, may 
is almost over. it's hard to
believe! may always involves
a change and transition, and 
the beginning of summertime.
this year it really has an ending
as i finish TFA in 2 weeks and
have some new beginnings. i have
thought about this may 2014 for the 
past 2 years, wondering if i'd ever
make it through and finish my masters
and TFA. now one is done, and one is
almost there. i wondered how i would
have changed, what my next plans would
be, where we'd be moving, etc. i would
never have believed that we'd be staying 
here in the bay, chase would have a job
with google & have turned down law school, 
my parents would be moving abroad,
and i would be considering options out
here in san francisco. i wouldn't have
believed any of it, but i'm glad it's true. 
life brings surprises, but they are good
ones. i know this is where we are supposed
to be. it's just a time of transition and 
change for me, so instead of fighting it 
i'm soaking it in. i'm ready for whatever
comes next, and until then, i'm enjoying this
month of may before life changes yet again.

^^ walks down by the ocean make
weeknights feel like weekends lately

^^ you know it's almost summer when your 
fridge looks like this! wedding invites + summer
parties galore. how can you not love this time of year?
^^ frequenting this place as always
^^ pink flower boxes on the 
city sidewalk, yes please.
^^ i can't walk the streets of my own city without 
stopping every 5 minutes and looking like a tourist
 because there are just so many beautiful things.
^^ one for her, one for him
^^ a rose garden is not a bad place to 
sit and write thank you notes from the birthday
^^ tried this fancy restaurant off the embarcadero
^^ bike rides + more flowers, hello summer!
(until the SF summer fog rolls in for 3 months...:)
^^ this view. i will not miss my commute, 
but i do love this nightly sight.
i'll probably just live at the ferry building
farmer's market from now has
everything i'd ever need in one place.
^^ or i could live at nick's crispy tacos.
^^ late night shopping in the heart of 
the city // + pretty new trinkets.
^^ we're still obsessing over our 
favorite breakfast in the city.
^^ explored our apartment building and realized
we can get on the ROOF (!!!!!!!!) what!! // also
i probably will need this california cookie cutter.
^^ healthy treats + new shoes in the ideal color
^^ stopping to smell the roses before my last grad class //
now i have time to do things i want, like back to my french
^^ aptly named restaurant, says chase ;)
^^ guys! i cooked for the first time in weeks!
traveling + teeny kitchen + commute has meant
no cooking for a while. finally made some favorites:
^^ views of union square from our favorite restaurant
^^ new SF discovery = city lights bookstore.
famous for having lots of famous writers
and poets visit way back when, and bob
dylan even hung out there! it's pretty cool.
^^ loving north beach so much lately

^^ a casual drive down lombard street

^^ and, new stationary that all my loved
ones can expect soon.  :) obsessed!!!

here's to may and change and and end to a chapter...
but a beginning to a new one.


  1. I love this post. All your photos are so nice. I hope to visit there someday. san francisco looks do pretty

  2. San Fran is full of so much life!! Such great photos!!

  3. I just discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and, although I've lived in San Jose for 10 years now, I'm finding out new things about SF from you all the time. Since you mentioned City Books, there's a great bar right next to them called Vesuvio. It's really charming and has a great local vibe. If you are able to get a spot in one of the windows on the second floor, you'll have great views for people watching. Love the blog and looking forward to seeing what life brings you!

    1. Sorry, I meant City Lights* Bookstore!

    2. good to know! thanks for the tip! i need to hear all of your bay area favorites! xo

  4. San Fran looks like such an amazing place for adventures :)

  5. Your posts always make me so happy :) congrats again and enjoy the lovely weather!

  6. I haven't been on this past week and I love your newest posts with Ashley and also about your transition. This is such a great journal and inspiring for all of us. I love you so much.

    1. haha i am always so proud // amazed when you comment!!!!

  7. Best of luck to you in this time of transition! I have had several transitions throughout the past year (and they keep on coming ...), so my best advice to you is to just embrace it and live in the moment. It looks like you already do a pretty good job of that. Have a great weekend!

    1. thank you! that makes me feel better to remember they are normal, and just to embrace them! i always feel bittersweet closing one chapter and moving on, but it's part of life and you're right -- just live in the moment! Xo

  8. beautiful photos- congrats on your degree and I love those breakfast cookies- I am FINALLY officially moving to Salt lake city in August! Cheers to new chapters girl!

    1. WOW! that makes me so happy for you...definitely cheers to new chapters for both of us! (wish we were both heading back to SLC, haha but at least i visit there a lot!)

  9. All of the photos are so pretty! I need to plan a day trip to visit the hubby with the little one soon.

  10. Your transitions post is so lovely, thank-you for sharing it. You said exactly what I needed to hear and have inspired me.

  11. Your cards are so cute. I could live in that building too! <3


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