Tuesday, May 13, 2014

one last family trip

you'll be hearing this a lot over the next month...
i don't want my parents to move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am soaking up every second with them before they 
i can't believe it's getting so close. this last family 
trip all together was just what we needed, but it 
was bittersweet to know that we probably won't all 
be together on a big trip for 3 years once they leave 
in june. this trip is one my family does every single 
year, so it will be sad not to have my parents here! 
but, it made this one even more special and fun. 
here is some of the fun we had being together...
including lots of beach time, playing in the pool,
best meals out, competing in the "dunn olympics,"
family pictures, newport, laguna, balboa, biking,
running, laughing, games, movies, disneyland, & more.
why don't we live by them??? love this fam so much.

^^ typical photo-bomb by my dad
^^ the start of the intense "olympic games" created by my brother

^^ lovely laguna.
^^ 3 of the best people in this world if you ask me.
^^ brave boys getting in the freezing ocean!
by the end we all did, but they were the first ones.

^^ we stayed at the marriott coastal villas in newport,
first time we've stayed there! so lovely.

^^ darling uncle chase

^^ more competitions!

^^ beach soccer for hours

^^ champs in golf! my sis-in-law mindy and i
won the basketball, pretty proud.
^^ intense chess matches

^^ sweetest scene.
^^ nothing like a big family shuttle ride
with all of us singing "the wheels on the bus"
^^ my girl
^^ my favorite little guy!
^^ tough guys
^^ daily stops at ruby's for burgers + shakes
{get the california date shake!}
^^ a favorite spot
^^ beachcomber breakfast!
^^ most intense game of all!
^^ yoga + basketball in the mornings
^^ breakfast at one of our favorites
what a week! i wish it had lasted forever.
i already miss everyone, but luckily we have
more posts on the way so i can keep soaking in all
the fun and sunshine and memories of this trip.


  1. I love the Marriott coastal villas in Newport!! Looks like it was a very fun vacation :)

    1. so many people from utah stay there! we loved it! Xo

  2. I love your bathing suit! What brand is it?! I have been looking for something like it for a while now!

    1. thank you!! it's albion fit, you can order online at albionfit.com

  3. 1. LOVE that marriott
    2. obsessed with your suit still!!!

  4. So fun, we are staying with my in laws at those villas next weekend. I love them! You guys definitely know how to vacation right. I love it. :)

    1. how fun!!! jealous, wish we had overlapped!

  5. You are so gorgeous and this looks like SO much fun! Your life is amazing!!

  6. It looks like you had a great time! I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your family :-)


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