Thursday, May 15, 2014

newport beach

now for a newport recap!
when we're in orange county we usually stay in laguna
and visit newport, but this year we were right in
between so we did both all week! i love newport
and the different vibe it has from laguna. it's where
i've always stayed when i come with friends, like
on senior trip and spring breaks. good memories!
 we really need to move down to southern california next...
once we get northern california out of our system :)

^^ biking the boardwalk!

^^ balboa ferry with my cute parents.
{lots of froyo included, as always}

^^ dear poppy ave, i'd like to live on you please.

^^ dear rose bakery cafe, you are amazing.
your cranberry scones = out of this world.
^^ the guy who finally made me want to get into biking...
thanks dad for getting me a new bike and for always 
being faster than me so i have motivation to keep up!
^^ and, one of our favorite meals in newport. a classic!
^^ can you stand how cute this is?
a papa bear and his granddaughter.
^^ somehow, it gets even cuter! i love these 3
and can't wait for my parents to be papa + yaya
for our little ones one day! they are the best.
can you tell we love the crab cooker?
^^ with my family, the night is never complete
without dessert...just how i like it. we walked down
the boardwalk to seaside donuts, everybody's favorite. 
^^ and they now have cronuts, so basically life is complete.
thanks for the fun, newport!
see you again real soon.



  1. Love the biking outfit you had!! All your photos always put me in the best mood- much needed at 9 AM!!

    1. you are so cute, you put me in a good mood! also, my parents laugh that i don't wear real biking clothes so thanks for backing me up :)

  2. That little girl is too precious and I really think I need that cronut.

    1. hah right? i need the cronut again NOW.

  3. I have loved all these recap posts! It makes me so jealous that you live in California - my dream home!

    1. we are lucky and love it...but miss our hometown too! come visit!!

  4. hah right? i need the cronut again NOW.

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  6. So flippin cute! I love Newport! And my goodness woman you have GORGEOUS hair!



    1. you are so cute, it wasn't washed for days in that pic! just ocean water haha. glad you know and love newport!! XO

  7. I love seaside donuts!! And that little girl is the cutest!

    Ella | 

  8. beach lovin'. i agree i think we need to move down to southern california for a few years and be beach bums after we are done with northern california (assuming that ever happens) haha.

  9. Beautiful pictures and the food looks ahhhmazing! :)


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