Thursday, May 1, 2014

project juice

it is a bright and hot and sunny week
here in the bay! may is definitely here.
to welcome it in, i got back into juice...
this time, with project juice. let me just 
tell you, i did a "cleanse" right this time.
i love project juice because 1) the flavors
are some of the best i've had, and 2) they
are all about making cleanses work for
you. i did a 3-day a few months ago and it
did not go so well...haha. it mentally broke
me and i was miserable! this time around
i talked to brandon (see his site here) and
he told me to listen to my body and do
what works for me. i chose to do a one-day
cleanse -- their intermediate cleanse. i
LOVED it! here's why. i did ONE day which
is completely doable compared to three.
also, i supplemented with food. i was
working and wanted to go on a run the
day i was doing it, so brandon encouraged
me to supplement. i had some almonds in the
morning with my juices which helped 
fill me up, an apple in the afternoon,
and a salad packed with veggies after
a long run in the heat. i may not have
done it the precise way to some, but it
worked for me. i enjoyed the cleanse
so much more and i really focused on
what i was putting into my body. i didn't 
go crazy because i felt like i had freedom
to eat and add things in, and it made it
so i could go about my normal day but
have only great things in my body. i 
truly had more energy, felt amazing,
and loved it. it's a reset for the body
and helped me kick a few of my bad
habits as of late. i'm also addicted to
the amazing flavors. i will be back all
the time. if you're in san francisco
or palo alto, visit project juice and
use this promo code::::WELLTRAVELED15

and if you just go for some juice,
here are my favorite flavors!

swizz beets: 
probably my favorite. made up of
apple, carrot, cucumber, beet, ginger lemon.
perfect blend of sweet with a kick. plus, i love
the name. plus, i love beets lately. sue me.

the master: 
this flavor is an example of why i love project juice...
this one is really a cleanser and has all the ingredients that are
tough to get down, but they make it taste good somehow! i love
the lemony zest with the kick of cayenne. this is a great one if you're
starting to get a cold, or just want a zinger of a restart without
wanting to spit it out while drinking. made of H2O, lemon,
lime, ginger, agave, and cayenne. i want one right now.

pineapple, apple, mint. yes PLEASE. that mint, perfect.

almond mylk: 
purified water, raw almonds, dates, vanilla
bean, sea salt. this is the best healthy dessert possible.

^^ my salad to finish off the cleanse
^^ we even squeezed in some tennis on our favorite
rooftop court overlooking the entire city.
^^ i spy the golden gate bridge from our tennis court...!
^^ speaking of eating good things, i'm supporting
sevenly this week with their hunger campaign...i can't
imagine going hungry like so many people in the world
do. we are blessed to have access to so much food, and so
much healthy, fresh food. i love sevenly for encouraging
intentional generosity and love for others. so this week,

sevenly is partnering with feed my starving children.
 EACH product you buy this week provides nutritious meals 
to a starving child in liberia for an entire month! plus, you
get a cute shirt. click here to participate! such a great thing. 

thank you project juice for helping
me start may off right! xo


  1. Ok a one day cleanse is so much more up my alley than a 3 or 5 day cleanse!!

  2. I've never juiced before, but I absolutely love homemade almond milk and the juices I've picked up here and there at the farmer's market. I love knowing that this one-day plan gives you a bit of freedom!

  3. Those juices sound delicious and that totally sounds like a doable cleanse ;)

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  5. does that tennis court not remind you of the tennis court in princess diaries?! PERFECTION

  6. yum! I definitely need to try this. Also, question for you because I know you will know the answer! What is the difference between cooking kale and regular kale? I grabbed a bag of kale at Trader Joes and didn't notice it said "cooking kale" until I got home. I mixed it in with a salad anyways...haha do you know the difference?

  7. I loooove cold pressed juice. This place looks delicious!

    I did a 5-day cleanse a couple times. Sometimes it was super hard, other times really easy. I think a good medium is 3 day, because as someone who suffers from stomach issues it totally resets my system.


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