Thursday, October 4, 2012

grandma ginny's birthday visit

i can't get over the most amazing visit & girls trip we just had.
my mom, aunt, and darling grandma came up to the bay to visit
because i had a week off of work. their visit also happened to fall
over my grandma's birthday, and she also happened to grow up here..
so it all came together to be such a perfect, special, and memorable trip!
the best thing ever = reuniting with this cute mom of mine!
welcome to SF!
breakfast at our apartment the first morning..i made pumpkin 
waffles since it's now "fall" {but still so hot here!}
*on the left is my aunt laurie, then my mom and my grandma!
my cute grandma was so excited to be back in her city.
here she is at twin peaks summit overlooking SF.
we did so many fun things..starting with lunch salads at blue barn gourmet..
after lunch we got on bikes and went all over..
it's not a trip with linny if you don't ride bikes!
we rode on the embarcadero all the way out to the ride! 
pretty impressive that my 81 year old grandma could keep up with us all day!
later we stopped at the famous st. francis yacht club..
my grandma's family had a sailboat and a membership here,
so she took us all through and told us about her memories of her
birthday parties, dinners, and wedding reception there.
we stopped by the pretty palace of fine walking around this place
one of my favorite parts of the entire visit was taking my
grandma to the house she grew up in across the bridge in
marin county. she was flooded with memories and we
loved hearing them...especially the parts about all her
boyfriends who would pick her up from dates on this porch.
 it was also so fun to meet grandma ginny's sisters..she moved to salt lake 
when she met my grandpa, and her sisters were in the bay-so we loved 
getting together with keenan and elizabeth.
one thing ginny wanted was fresh shrimp from the wharf since 
it used to be one of her favorite things to get..delicious! 
we stopped by the boudin sourdough bread factory and toured the little museum on top. we always come shows such a good history of the city, and the sourdough samples are a nice bonus! you can watch them make the bread in the factory at the end too.
we stopped for lunch at the famous fog city diner,
and we recommend it. the fish tacos and BLT were great.
plus, how cute is the building? it's right on the embarcadero.
of course we stopped at ghirardelli and their seasonal flavor is to die for..
pumpkin spice caramel. AMAZING! we picked up some dark sea salt caramel
chocolate for chase and my was hard not to eat it before bringing it back to them!
grace cathedral
loved taking them here and getting the best treats ever!
this chinese bakery makes custard egg tarts and they are so famous..and so good!
i also took them by the fortune cookie factory..always fun to see!
after all those treats we walked down to little italy for delicious dinner. 
here is butternut squash risotto & roasted brussel sprouts..yum!
since monday was october 1st, the city lit up the sites in bright orange..quite a way to welcome fall and feel festive! we got a few good pictures with the orange coit tower.
my aunt found a cute rice pudding shop called the loving cup that we had to try 
out even though we were STUFFED. it's yummy and the shop is darling. they 
also have old fashioned frozen yogurt with toppings mixed in!
our last day was gram's birthday, and it was definitely a memorable day!
we woke up and went hiking around mount tamalpais near sausalito...beautiful!
then we went to the most incredible overlook of the bridge and city...unreal!
i don't know how i have never been to this overlook before.
with the birthday girl!
love these ladies
so lucky to have traveled the world with this babe

last but not least, they were close to leaving for we went to the best breakfast place in the city for gram's birthday and as our last outing before they left :(
 mama's is amazing, but everyone should know it comes at a price because of the wait... the line is always always long, but we decided to brave it and wait. little did we know the 40 minute sidewalk line doesn't end when you get in the restaurant- it only turns into another line! it was quite the wait + it was unusually hot in the city, so it was a little rough but let me tell you...the food is amazing! seriously we voted it the best egg benedict {even linny, who makes the best eggs benny} and the french toast is on a different level. i recommend the orange cranberry french toast. mm! i did hear a trip from the hostess that if you go at 2:30 the line has died {since they close at 3}. so maybe husband and i will go back for the famous monte cristo sandwich!
notice linny can't even smile in the picture because 
she's too excited to eat after our long wait!
at mama's with my mama and her mama!

after a teary goodbye, i sent them off and already miss them.
so lucky to have these ladies in my life and i will never forget this visit!
love you guys!



  1. Looks like a fabulous trip! I am so jealous!

  2. Your blog is just too cute, Emi! What a fun trip!

  3. I love ladies' weekends! Looks like you had so much fun. And the fall Ghirardelli chocolate sounds awesome (although I would probably eat up anything and everything in that store). Beautiful photos!

  4. ok, sooo i'm so jealous. it looks so gorgeous and like the best time ever. my hubbies pop pop live up in sf and i'm trying to convince him maybe we should move there after we graduate in april. also, you have the worlds cutest grandma, like really i want to be best friends wither her. also, too many good things in this post, i just love them all and i don't want to leave a novel, so just know i love them all. hahaha

    1. YES you should move up to the bay, it's the best! and you are so cute, trust me you would definitely love my grandma and be best friends with her haha have a great weekend!

  5. My bf and I tried to go to Mama's when we lived in SF but the line was just too darn long and we were SO starving that we couldn't wait! I'm sad we never went back to try it out before we moved.

    1. ha i know! it is too crazy to wait, so i don't blame might be my only time in a while after that 2.5 hour deal!

  6. This is amazing. How fun to have this adventure together. It was a fun change from our annual girls trip with just you and me! Can't wait for our next time together!!

  7. Looks like you guys had such a wonderful time. Your mom, grandma, and aunt are all fabulous women like you! I can't believe your grandma is 81...she looks so young! And Ghiradelli...sigh. I want to come there for the day just to get some of that chocolate. One of my favorite stops in SF along with the Boudin Sourdough Bread Factory...never actually done the tour though, maybe I will next time we're there! You and Chase need to go to Monterey and Carmel for a weekend. If you do, definitely do the 17 Mile Drive along Pebble Beach Golf Course and stop at The Pebble Beach Market for some delicious sandwiches :)

    1. love your suggestions! i went to tennis camp in pebble beach for 2 summers when i was younger and fell in love...but haven't been back so we will definitely go soon and try out those sandwiches! love that you go to boudin, and yes check out the museum next time! Xo

  8. That bridge looks fantastic!
    And you look so wonderful in these photos, love the idea of girl trip.
    Glad to be your new follower through GFC.
    Have a great day!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) Following back. Your Grandma is SO cute, and I'm jealous of all that delicious food you guys ate in SF! Looks like you had a great time!

  10. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog, I'm following back :) It looks like you all had a blast, nothing better than a girl's only trip!

  11. Did I just find a new blog to love? I think I did! Thanks so much for the follow on my blog, now following you back, I think this post is darling and that your blog is lovely. Can't wait to read more!

    The Indie Byline

  12. Thank for stopping by my blog! Yours is super cute too! Looks like you had a ton of fun in SF! I love there right now and love it!

  13. It's so hard to live away from those you love! Looks like you had so much fun though AND that outfit with brown pants of yours...GIMME!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  14. I love your updates. You know, I find it so funny how so many of your entries are just FULL of pictures of food and food recipes and yet there is no evidence on your body of your indulgences. How many miles a day do you run...I think I need to do the same, since we seem to have the same passion for food. I'm glad you are having a good time in the married life. Feel free to visit us anytime!


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