Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tuesday ten

10 things to be happy about

1. we are finally official costco members...we celebrated by going on an hour long shopping outing there, eating dinner {costco food is chase's FAVORITE}, and buying our favorite things...including these amazing ice cream cookie sandwiches!

2. we picked a good time to move to the bay...because our san francisco giants just won the world series!!!!!!!!! we know we are new to the bay, but we can still be fans. plus, buster posey spoke at our wedding dinner in a video to us, so basically we are pals with him. we loved watching them win with our favorite friends!

3. we've been having some good food around our apartment lately {mostly thanks to #1}

4. having the oakland temple as our temple is the best.

5. this is no longer happening..thank goodness for no more cold!

6. these are all the places my iphone says i've taken pictures in SF..umm 
how are there so many in the water???

7. love taking off our shoes when we get home from work and cuddling up on the couch before having dinner. 

8. our new gym and it's cute {mostly pink} exercise balls

9. all the mail we've been getting! fun packages from my cute aunt, friend, mom, mother-in-law, plus a darling baby shower invite. nothing better than coming home to mail! *sorry for the sweaty picture, i had just come home from a run!

 10. this stop sign. wish all of them said this!


  1. Haha. that stop sign is too funny! Costco is the best. The only bad part is that I always get way more than I planned on getting when I go there.

  2. We love Costco!
    And congrats to your SF Giants! I am a die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan so I'm a little bummed you guys won instead of us.

  3. I miss costco so much! The closest one to us in 80 miles away so I had to switch to Sams club... so not the same. And I LOVE that stop sign. haha cute.

  4. Aaah Costco. The best. :) And that stop sign is seriously amazing! Loved all of your Tuesday ten!

  5. what a cute post! We have no Costco's in WV so I have to settle for Sams club as well.

  6. love love your top 10, especially the giants win! i'm being a bandwaggon fan!

  7. Cute cute cute! I love that stop sign and am way jealous of your huge and adult move to Costco:)

  8. ah! great minds things alike- I did this today too. How funny! Love this list. That stop sign is too cute. xo

  9. I love the stop sign! You guys seem so happy together, I love it! Gotta love Costco..

  10. Congrats on the CostCo membership! ;)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  11. I love that stop sign, oh my goodness!
    And Costco is AMAZING. The end.

  12. Number 6 is hilarious. Do you mean you DON'T just stand in the water and take pics? ;)

    We joined costco last year. OMG have we spent so much money there!! Woof. I can't wait until we get our rewards back in April or whenever it is. But we love it there, so, we're not going anywhere. ;)

  13. Congrats on the Costco membership! I hope you have many happy shopping trips and yummy food in your future!

  14. Lovely blog, following back!


  15. Yay ~ you guys made it to Costco! And the Temple. That's great! I've been to the LA & San Diego Temples, but not Oakland yet. Who doesn't love the food at Costco?!! (Esp. at that price)! Funny about your GPS. Wish I still got love mail . . . it's been a long time! Man, it's so unfair that some people get to live w/o snow! Looking forward to the day . . .

  16. Love the idea of this list! And the stop sign is the cutest thing ever! The list along with just being able to read your blog over the past few weeks has inspired me to nominate your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. I'd love it if you would accept. I think your blog is amazing and I love everything about it :)



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