Tuesday, October 23, 2012

tuesday ten

ten tuesday thoughts

1. it's much easier to get up early and get ready for work 
because of my cute husband and his little mirror notes

2. we finally put our new crepe maker to use 
and made crepes for breakfast..easily my favorite food! 
this maker is the best because it comes with the little
crepe wand they use at stands, and they cook perfectly!
we paired with nutella, banana, pb, and powdered sugar.

3. tennis season is officially over! it was so fun to coach this
year, and my cute players surprised me with this cake and cards.

4. my mother-in-law is darling and sent us a little halloween package...
nothing like getting mail from home! we've already eaten all the treats! thanks shel!

5. a little hiccup in our week: husband's bike was stolen last night while we were downtown. we rode our bikes to the gym and it was locked up and right in front on a busy street but somehow someone got away with it cutting the lock and taking it! i guess that is what happens in the city. hopefully that person needed it more than us! these are the times we miss little salt lake...

6. just found out that this pretty friend of mine is coming out here to visit
 in a few weeks!!!! yay! counting down the days until you come millie!
7. it started raining here this week, making this soy hot chocolate necessary.

8. i'm in love with these bowls!!

9. can't stop with the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

10. we NEED a puppy! 
we even facetimed with my family's dog this weekend..that's how much we miss her!

what are some of your thoughts today?


  1. What a sweet note on the mirror. :)

  2. I want a puppy and a crepe maker! That note on your mirror makes my heart melt! So sweet!

  3. Looks like your hubs got his sweetness from his mom :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  4. I love all these things, especially the puppy:) crepes really are amazing but I get never get mine to turn out right, probably because I don't have a sweet toy like you!!!

  5. These are such sweet things. Also, what a lovely note. Your husband has really nice handwriting.

  6. I'm so sorry your husband's bike was stolen! That's awful!! When we lived in our apartment, someone stole my daughter's toys off of our patio. I was angry at first, but then realized it was probably someone who couldn't afford to give his/her own kids toys and let it go.

    I love the sweet mirror note your husband left you!

  7. amazing pictures!! I made crepes today too!!:)) would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin?? let me know dear:) happy week!


  8. little notes that my husband writes on our whiteboard put a little extra pep in my step when getting ready in the morning! and yum i love crepes

  9. Where are those bowls from?? They are so cute!

    And dogs totally make everything Better!

  10. In love with the chevron bowl and I can't say more to the crepe maker. The rest of the photos is a positive vibes at all.

    Our family consider now to have a pet before the year ends or till early next year. We have lost our cute maltese two years ago and i think we are ready for a new one to come in our lives.Have a great day!


  11. where is that bowl from?? it is adorable!! so sorry chase's bike was stolen--that is AWFUL!! and facetime with your dog? love that. i love your tuesday ten.

  12. I'm a horrible at leaving comments, but I love your blog! You & Chase are so adorable!

  13. I can't believe someone stole Chase's bike! People are so strange. Someone stole Dave's bike a couple years ago on the U campus. The police eventually found it at a pawn shop! The guy sold it to them for 25 bucks! (it was worth a lot more) Lameo.

    Also, we need a crepe machine! That looks amazing! And we are dying for a puppy but our apt won't let us have pets!

    1. ahh at the U campus? that is the worst..but good to know it happens everywhere!
      you have to get this crepe maker! and our apartment won't let us have pets either but i STILL want one haha!

  14. Hi! I'm your newest follower. Love your photos! Specially the note on the mirror and the mail from your mother-in-law. I have an amazing relationship with my boyfriend's mom and I feel really good about it. Btw, that dog is a cutie! My thoughts for today? I've so much work to do for college, many orders of bracelets and earrings to make... but instead, I'm checking my blog, your blog and other blogs too! lol
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)


  15. This entire post is absolutely adorable.

  16. YES J'adore!!!

    Great post!

    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?


  17. I loved all the ten thoughts!
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!


  18. Terrible news about the bike! You are so positive-saying someone may need it more than you. And the crepe maker needs to come home with you for the holidays so we can enjoy those beauties!

  19. Cutest post ever! Lame about Chase's bike, though.

    Josie and I take a trip to the animal shelter almost every week and dream of having a puppy. Well, I dream of it, she just lets them lick her mouth...

    We're going to have to wait, though, because dogs and our tiny apartment don't mix. We already tried pre-baby...it was no bueno. I hope you can get one, though!! :-)

    It's raining here, too! Love it.

  20. Love the notes Chase leaves you as well as the cake you got from stu's! Awesome!! Sorry about your bike. What a bummer!!

    1. I love how excited you get about people visiting! That is how I am. Love to have people over. That's wonderful!


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