Tuesday, October 2, 2012

life lately

my mom, grandma and aunt just left town after the greatest visit..
i'm so sad but we had the best time! i don't have all the pictures yet, so to distract 
myself from missing them, i'm posting some updates of life lately.
girls trip pics to come!
 hello october...we're beginning to decorate!
i really LOVE our apartment building and have to snap pictures of
it once in a while as i walk in to capture it's charm!
we found a cute london phone booth on our date night last week and i had 
to take a picture since it made me dream of the city i used to live in!
these don't look pretty but we have a new obsession:
making our own white-chocolate covered pretzels! do it.

 i just finished such an inspiring book and loved this little snippet of it.
read it! {a million miles in a thousand years}
 we checked off one of our fall date nights {listed here} by going to the 
south bay flea market which is one of the world's biggest!
seriously look at this map...it is enormous! we biked 
there and spent hours & hours looking around.
 we finally tried the yummy pizza just down the street from us!
we always love trying new places and getting to know our neighborhood.
 the usual farmers market love..we picked up some zucchini & grapes this week.
love our new PB pasta bowl!
i am missing the fall colors in utah, but seeing
these palm trees every day makes up for it.


what does fall look like where you live?
do you ever go to farmers markets/ flea markets?


  1. i love farmers markets :) they are like a little piece of heaven!


    1. couldn't agree more! we are a little obsessed with them. can't wait to follow your blog!

  2. The book looks really interesting, what's the title? :)

    Also, the phone booth is really cute! Phone booths here in New Zealand all look boring and the same.

    - Gia http://www.lovelyserendipity.com

    1. the book is called "a million miles in a thousand years" by donald miller..i recommend it! love your blog and am following! XO

  3. Thanks so much for following my blog (it's the journey). I'm following you guys as well too :)

    Your apartment is so charming! As well as your blog. I'm off to explore your posts. Thanks again for finding and following me


    1. you are too cute! can't wait to follow along on your page as well!

  4. Loving the phone booth, must try the white chocolate pretzels and I need to locate that flea market...Great Post!

    1. yes if you get one thing from this post i hope it's trying the white chocolate pretzels...yum!

  5. such a fun girls trip!! the best visitors you can have!! LOVE YOU

  6. love the phone booth!!! your blog's awesome :) new follower here! hope you follow back :)


    1. i love your cute makeup blog! it wouldn't let me comment but following you! xo

  7. Hello Emi! You left a comment on my blog so here I am taking a look around yours ^^ I like it a lot so I'm following you back ^^ Have a great day xx
    N O I R E D A M E

  8. i had never heard of that book before, but that snippet makes me want to read it.

    i love flea market, which i had more time to go.

  9. I would love to see palm trees everyday. I haven't lived by the beach since 2006. I miss it. :(

    I've always wanted to get a picture of me with a London-type phone booth. Too cute!


  10. I love stopping by the local farmer's market...such great deals for such great food!
    Pretzels. White Chocolate. Together. Yes, please!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm looking forward to following yours!
    You and your husband are adorable =)

  11. I miss the colorful Utah falls too but I love being in Phoenix with the nice winters and palm trees, so yeah, that makes up for it. Kinda. Sorta. Looks like a fun weekend. I love having visitors. :)


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