Sunday, October 7, 2012

sunday notes

dear conference, you always provide the best weekends.

dear fleet week,
everyone should come to san francisco sometime in their life to witness you.

dear visitors, we miss you!

dear road trip down the coast,
i couldn't be more excited for you.

dear golden gate bakery,
we are craving your egg custard tarts. constantly.

dear book club,
thanks for picking a good book this month. loved it.

dear wedding,
we loved reliving you when we got our wedding book last week.

dear trader joe's pumpkin pancake mix,
we will be buying 20 more boxes of you to stock in our kitchen.


  1. we busted out our wedding book yesterday and I agree, so fun to relive that day :) Since it was so fabulous and all! I need to come to SF to experience all these things you speak of, since I've never heard of 80% of them

    1. weddings are the best! so fun to relive them. YES come to SF it's the best..we have lots of places listed on here under the label, and we'll eventually get an actual guide up! xo

  2. Such a sweet couple :) Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

    I'm now your newest GFC follower :)

  3. emi, you are darling! we were at fleet week too! we need to figure out a time to get together! we are so close!

    1. you are darling! i don't know how we haven't seen each other yet..let's definitely get together soon..glad you witnessed fleet week, it was the best!

  4. Awww this is such a cute little post!!! I love it!!!
    and that poster is adooorable!! i think it is the sweetest thing.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I've followed you on GFC!

    Steph Yt.
    A Fashion & Lifestyle Photography Blog: Ginger and Lace

  5. dear emi and chase: We miss you! Glad Fleet Week was so great. Now, can you give some help to the Giants?

    1. yay you commented! we are trying our best to cheer on the giants, maybe we'll have to go cheer in person to help them do you! so fun to facetime

  6. Egg custard tarts? That sounds divine!

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    1. Emi what book are you reading for your book club?

      Love love love your blog!!

    2. &I'm not sure what's going on with my comments, so sorry!

    3. rach i love your blog! our book club is reading a million miles in a thousand years by donald miller and it's so good! i definitely recommend it. XO


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