Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LA for the weekend

oh los angeles, how we love you.
it was so fun to come back to the city where we started 
the first summer of our married life.
husband said it almost felt like coming home in a way, and i agree.
we love love love living in the bay area, but something about LA also calls to us.
we're so lucky we got to live there and now get to live in nor cal..but
maybe one day we will find our way back down to southern cal.
for now, we just have to enjoy our fun trips there!

it was fun to have a reason to be there: our utes were in town playing UCLA
at the rose bowl! we loved seeing our team play {despite the loss} and we saw so 
many friends from home who were there for the game! football, friends, & fun!
fun to see all of these friends! it's so nice to see familiar 
faces from home when we're living away...
at least it was a close game, and fun to be at the rose bowl.

aside from the game, we enjoyed some favorite spots in LA...
we loved staying with our friend brady in his nice 
beverly hills apartment..we just want to move in!
we all went to the grove for some good food and shopping. i ruined the boys night 
by not going to see taken 2, but then we saw that it had terrible reviews so i don't feel too bad!
we had fun shopping and brady agreed that i probably need this zara trenchcoat... 
so i can't wait for christmas chase!!! :)
 after the football game we hung out with our friends richie & sarajane 
who are living in LA for a little bit longer..we were so happy to be able to see them!
we stayed in pasadena and got some amazing {spicy} mexican food and some orange halloween crepes!
on sunday we managed to get a little beach time in at santa monica.
we grabbed some lunch from california's best sandwich spot togo's,
took them to the beach, and soaked up some sun before heading back up to the bay.
until next time, LA!
*see our guide to los angeles here



  1. Go Utes!! My parents are both from LA so it holds a special place in my heart as well! I agree, you NEED that coat :)

  2. looks like so much fun! i haven't spent time in socal in years (my husband is from northern california) -but it looks like we'll have to make it down sometime :)
    newest follower!


  3. The food looks great! I'm glad you had such a fun time in LA, can't wait to visit some day :) I so agree with Denise above, that trenchcoat is fab!

    The Indie Byline

  4. Such fun! I love that you found me, can't wait to spend more time perusing your space! xox

  5. New reader!! LOVE your photos! I used to live in LA and we went to the Grove often! Such fantastic food.

  6. I'm glad you didn't go see that movie. You made the BeTtU choice! Y's . . . ;-)


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