Sunday, January 6, 2013

downton abbey premiere gala

if you recognize this picture, you know about one of the best shows on TV..if you don't recognize this picture, you know that you need to start watching one of the best shows on TV!
last night was our last night in salt lake city before heading back to california, and we
were lucky enough to go with my parents to a gala for the season 3 premiere of the show. it was quite the event! everyone dressed up in fancy british attire from the period, there was a full traditional english dinner, trivia about the show, and then a screening of the first hour. of course, lots of pictures were involved as well. we loved it and it was a perfect way to bid farewell to salt lake city!
my dad all dressed up as lord grantham, complete with his dog isis from the show!
loved taking pictures with some of the characters!
trying to look royal..
cute mom + cute husband
traditional british dinner
we loved it! now everyone go watch season 3!


  1. How fun! My best friend loves this show but I haven't seen it yet!

  2. What a fun event! I love Downton Abbey. Glad you guys had such a fun holiday break in Utah!! :)

  3. OMMGGG! This is amazing! Hope you enjoyed your trip back to UT!

  4. Coolest thing ever! Love your blog! Love that y'all are TFA!

    1. thank you! your blog is so cute too..and we're glad you know about TFA! xo

  5. This is amazing!!! We just started Downton this weekend and we're almost caught up. I hate that I'm going to have to wait a week in between episodes now! :)


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