Monday, January 21, 2013

MLK day in half moon bay

there is nothing better than four day weekends with monday off..
i think it should happen once a month. it was so lovely today to sleep in,
wake up and watch the inauguration, then head to the beach to jog,
lay in the sun, go to lunch with friends, and stroll through charming shops.
half moon bay is beautiful + charming + relaxing. 
it's so close to san francisco, but feels completely secluded!
it was warm & gorgeous today and we fell in love with it. 
lucky us to live so close to the prettiest coastline! we love CA!
we went jogging, explored, and then met our favorite friends for lunch on main street..
then strolled around all of the darling shops & boutiques together.
we even found a random little barn with bunnies and chicks! 
we couldn't leave they were so cute...animal lovers!
we laid on the beach for a while in the afternoon before leaving..
nothing quite like a sunny beach day in january. another reason to love california! if we didn't already love half moon bay enough, they had
the mavericks surf competition going on. unbelievable waves!!
we'd say it was a great holiday! thank you to martin luther king, jr. not only
for the day off of work, but for having a dream...and inspiring others
to make it come true & carry on today. so inspiring! what a great man.
hope everyone had the best day off!


  1. Beautiful pictures! It sounds like you had a very perfect day! :) Much more eventful than mine today! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Gorgeous! I love the CA coastline, it's amazing. :)

  3. four day weekends are always SO rejuvenating, I agree they need to happen at least once a month!!! As the high tomorrow is forecasted for a whole 9 degrees, I am so jealous of your beautiful weather & beach access!

  4. Four day weekends are always lovely! These pictures are just beautiful! Sounds like a lovely time!


  5. Jealous face over here!
    I went running... in the snow today!

  6. agreed! 4 days weekend are the BEST! thank you for visiting my blog :) I love your blog and your beautiful pictures!

  7. When I lived in SF we went to Half Moon Bay to get our pumpkins. If you still live in SF by October I would definitely suggest it!

    Looks like you had a beautiful day =)

  8. Gorgeous pictures, looks like a great place to visit!

  9. you are seriously so lucky to live in such a beautiful place with the beach right there.....JEALOUS!
    ahh....someday :)

  10. Um JEALOUS! You two always do the funnest things :)

  11. Saw on the news that the waves were Huge! My husband and I spent MLK in Palm Desert. Can't beat 80 degree weather in the winter :-)


  12. Oh I love waves like that! Emi, Thanks so much for sharing! I so appreciate your taking the time, as well as yours & Chase's example & "internet" friendship. Have a Wonderful Day!

  13. Stunning! Looks like such a lovely weekend!


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