Tuesday, January 29, 2013

tuesday ten

ten updates of life lately...
1. i am so obsessed with our dishes

2. his & hers. love kicking these off when 
we get home every day & cuddling up on the couch.

3. i love little random surprises like my husband putting 
this "event" into my phone last week, making it pop up 
& alert me unexpectedly at work. it's the little things!

4. a new broadway play with TOM HANKS????
looks like a trip to NYC will be necessary soon!

5. could not agree more, and this is why we are part of teach for america 
and trying to help fix the educational achievement gap in this country!

6. our one cute valentines "decoration" so far..
i am excited to use these cute ice cubes if they turn out!

7. this is literally my husband's favorite thing when we go to the grocery store..
we head to get groceries after the gym, and while i check out and pay, he reads the
latest tabloids...shouldn't it be the other way around?? hehe he could not care 
less about them except for in grocery check out stands...gotta love him!

8. saturday we had a much needed shopping outing to our favorite 
place, and felt lucky to live in warm california in january.

9. whole foods provides an excellent lunch if you ask me.

10. yesterday was a monumental day..full of amazing news, and also tender news.
the great news is that husband heard back from his first law school yesterday,
and was ACCEPTED to the university of san francisco law school!!!
i'm so proud of him, and can't wait to see who else he hears from. exciting!
on a tender note, we are sending love to husband's family today...
chase's grandpa truman passed away last night. we are so sad but
so happy to have known him and spent time with him. what an
amazing man who impacted all of our lives! we are hopeful
that we can make it back to his funeral this weekend in utah. 
also sending love to grandma ginny who is in surgery.
we are blessed with incredible grandparents!



  1. I love your dishes!!!! So pretty.

  2. totally swoonage going on over your dishes!! Those are the cutest i have EVER seen. Also, I love that chase is sure to catch up on the latest tabloids. That is just awesome! :)

  3. I almost got those same ice trays. Sending prayers for your family!

  4. LOVE your dishes. ours are similar to those plain white ones :) ice cube trays = perfect! jealous of your warm cali weather. and i'm SO sorry about all your grandparents news. prayers for you guys and your families. xo.

    1. oh and by the way, i meant to tell you, i tried baking your one bowl brownies, and they were delish :) so thank you!

  5. May I ask where your dishes are from? Im on the hunt and have never LOVED any as much as yours!!! My man loves the tabloids too, silly boys!

    1. I know the ones with the dots on the edge are Emma from Pottery Barn, and she was registered at a few other places but I would guess Macy's for the other ones. Just because I haven't seen them at the other places she was registered!

    2. haha kelsi thanks for responding you cutie pie! yes the white dishes with the dots are pottery barn emma, and the others are martha stewart from macy's! xoxo

  6. I am sorry for your loss. I pray that God wraps his arms around your hearts at this time. Also, I love the random alert to remind you of your husband's love for you, I am going to have to steal that idea!

  7. Love the dishes too! Congrats to your husband :) But I'm sorry for your loss. =\


  8. I am so sorry for your family's loss. It's always so difficult losing a loved one. If I had your dishes I'd be obsessed with them too! Since having a child I've become a Whole Foods junkie (it's not even funny). I love these lists you put together!


  9. Congrats to chase! it will be fun to see where you guys end up going to law school! And I'm so sorry to hear about his grandpa. :(

  10. I love love love those bowls! Congrats to the hubs on the great news and so sorry for your loss.
    Kate at ummmnowwhat.blogspot.com

  11. things are beautiful lately. you should keep that husband of yours.

  12. I am obsessed with your dishes, and the tabloids thing....my husband has the same problem! p.s. prayers and thoughts for the loss! that is always tough.

  13. I'm sorry for your families loss and I'll keep your grandparents in my thoughts. Congratulations to Chase on his law school acceptance though! :)

  14. so many wonderful things to be thankful for! congrats to your husband! and okay, i'm so jealous that you live in sunny CA while i'm up in idaho freezing! but, my husband and i will be moving to sacramento after this semester so then we'll be in some warmth :)

    andrea brionne

  15. I do the exact same thing at the grocery check out! Whenever I go with my mom, she always buys a lot of stuff so I have enough time to read an entire magazine and then not have to worry about buying it to finish it :P


  16. First off, LOVE the dishes! So classic and pretty. Cracks me up that your husband is reading the tabloids. I knew men secretly loved them too!

  17. Awww, I love those little surprise notes! So cute!

  18. So sorry for Chase and your loss:( that has got to be hard especially when you live far away from family.

    I also love your dishes! And congrats on law school, that is definitely most exciting:)

  19. 3 is so sweet!
    and that salad looks delicious!
    Praying for you and your family during this time!


  20. That alert on your phone is so sweet!

    Congrats to Chase on getting into law school!

    Thinking about & praying for your and your family!

  21. I love the alert! Brady does that too! Couldn't make me happier. So exciting about law school. I guess such good news has to come with some bad. So sorry to hear about Truman.

  22. So sorry to hear about Chase's Grandpa. Thanks for a peek into your week! All the best!

    xx Kelly


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