Monday, January 28, 2013

what we eat

..some meals from the past week..
{complete with recipe links!}

{like mac & cheese, but with delicious and way healthier!}

oatmeal chocolate chip banana pancakes..i hope these are prepared
to enter our kitchen every single saturday morning from here on out..unreal!
..recipe to come..

these butternut squash puff appetizers from whole foods were a WIN.

german puff pancake..always easy and delicious!

whole wheat pasta with pesto, tomatoes, mushroom & lots of parmesan.

chicken salad...SO good to have stocked up for lunch sandwiches all week!
i think we need to make this a staple in our kitchen, because it's so perfect
to just have it made and ready to put on a sandwich or eat on it's own!

coconut macaroons..these went so fast because they were SO good!

after a long & hard search, these really are our favorite 
tortilla chips we have found so far..we're addicted. 

threw in some healthy salads this week..
spinach and kale is our favorite lettuce combo

made this yummy chicken enchilada bake and loved it!

chocolate oatmeal made sunday morning so much better..
thanks katie for the recipe!

and lastly, i made a thai curry dish with chicken, sweet potatoes & onion
on top of brown rice, with our favorite bread and some fruit. who 
needs takeout when you can make thai food right at home??

this helps us keep track of what we ate, and what we want to eat this week!
what have you been eating lately? any good recipes to share?


  1. These meals look great! I am anxious to try the baked quinoa and cheese!

  2. Oh my word!! These all look amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Love the idea of baked quinoa and cheese instead of using noodles!

    Also, those pancakes...yum!

  4. ...but you're so lucky to live in california!!!

    i live between italy and dubai...not so lucky!

  5. Wow those look awesome! I have to try that quinoa and cheese recipe. I made chicken salad to have for lunches all week yesterday too, I was surprised by how easy it was for some reason.

  6. The quinoaand cheese recipe looks great - I lovequinoa so I should definitely try it out!

  7. the quinoa looks amazing and those really are the best tortilla chips, very addicting

  8. Wow, those chocolate chip pancakes look phenomenal!

  9. These all look absolutely amazing! I'm so wanting the chocolate chip banana pancakes...can't wait to see the recipe!

  10. All of this looks so delicious! Especially the pancakes! Yum!
    Have you ever had kale chips? If not you should try them sometime! So good! :)

  11. umm chef status!? after seeing this post i may finally agree to let you make me dinner :) those pancakes look unreal! and the thai food= winner

  12. German pancakes are my favorite! If you have a good recipe please share


  13. I would love the pancake recipe!

  14. This looks delicious! Those pancakes are a perfect Saturday morning meal- YUM!

  15. Hey! I took your idea of the pasta, but I added shredded chicken and I roasted the tomatoes in the oven with some salt,pepper,and garlic powder before tossin them in. It was pretty great!


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