Sunday, January 13, 2013

sunday notes

dear sunday notes, i haven't written you in a while & i've missed you!

dear moving, you are always more work than i expect, but we did it.

dear new apartment, you are so cozy in your own way. thanks for already making us feel at home...and for being free!!!!

dear old apartment, it was sad to say goodbye to our very first place..but we loved you so much. thank you for being the perfect place for us to live, for being so darling and charming, and for bringing us our very best friends in california.

dear groceries, we finally stocked up on you yesterday {thank you costco & trader joe's} after 2 weeks away for the holidays, + a week of moving.

dear pictionary, we forgot how fun you are to play!

dear grad school, i'm not ready for you to start up again this week.

dear upcoming travels, we couldn't be more excited for you!!!!!!!

dear 49ers, we love having an NFL team where we live now...and it doesn't hurt that you are currently in the playoffs// won last night!

dear costco samples, you were better than ever yesterday

{crepes with nutella as a SAMPLE? yes we got 3 each}

dear unpacking, we better get back to you.

dear new adventures, we are always up for you. here's to a new one!



  1. Oh how I wish I could live for free! That must be so nice! Can't wait to see pics =)

  2. Sad day that your Niners took out my Packers. It was well played by your team though. My team straight up sucked!
    PS: Any interest in button swapping?

    1. ahh i'm sorry you're a packers fan! love them too though.
      we don't have any buttons on our page but we need to start! i will try to get them on there, because i love your blog and would love to swap! xo

  3. Cute post! Good luck in your new place and unpacking!

    xx Kelly

  4. I'm excited for you and your new FREE living situation! That will be so nice. Hopefully it's not too far from your friends you've made! Good luck with the move. Moving is the worst!

  5. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place. :)

  6. Rub it in! I'm a big Packers fan so I'm a little bitter haha but the 49ers are my #2.


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