Tuesday, January 22, 2013

tuesday ten

..10 things we're loving this week..
1. this chart that chobani made listing all the substitutes
you can use greek yogurt for. we LOVE this and we will use all of these!

2. facetime is the BEST. it's not quite so hard to live away from family 
when we get to facetime & chat with everyone during sunday dinner!

3. the 49ers! we are headed to the superbowl, and as you can see, even the buses in SF 
are excited. since moving to the bay, our giants won the world series, and
now the niners are headed to the super bowl! we must be good luck :)

4. we fell in love with this stationary in a store in half 
moon bay yesterday...looks just like our kona pup!

5. hydrangea's are the 2nd best flower, and 
we love having them in our kitchen..especially in january!

6. saw this idea to blend spinach + freeze it in ice trays for green smoothies!

7. for some reason i had the urge to make cookies twice this week..
i think baking relaxes me when i've had a busy day!
 lucky husband reaps the rewards of this.

8. pink seems to be my color of choice when it comes to workout gear.

9. i can't have cereal without mixing a few kinds together..so much better!

10. love that even though we just moved again,
this sign reminds us it's always home if we're together!



  1. I don't even know where to start commenting! a) I love working out in pink, I think it makes me feel feminine and fierce, b) I find hidden treasures in my closet all the time, it's like shopping! c)spinach ice cubes = MUST DO THAT. d) I am glad your sports franchises are doing well, I can't say the same for my boys in Arizona (diamondbacks or Suns) but...we're working on it? 2) that's all, glad to have discovered your blog and will be back for more, kthxbye

    1. Also, I did not mean to end that list with "2" instead of "e" but let's run with it.

    2. haha i love the a. b. c. d. 2...let's definitely run with it.

  2. Awww that is so cute that you facetime with your family!! Loving your pink workout gear!! And that cute sign! :-)

  3. I love that sign. Such a good song! For some reason in never occurred to me to MIX cereal together. Brilliant! :)

  4. Hey Emi! Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I tried to respond, but I see that you’re a no-reply blogger! If you follow the instructions from this link, you’ll be able to receive emails from others:



  5. I love those pink workout shoes!

    And that precious sign on your dinner table - so cute!

  6. Did the spinach thing work? I saw that idea on Pinterest but I haven't gotten around to trying it yet - it looks awesome though!

    1. hi! yes it really did work perfectly! do it!

  7. that pup photo is so cute! baking totally relaxes me too when i am stressed or had a busy day so that means i bake cookies like once a week plus i need material on my blog

  8. I swear all my workout stuff is pink as well! And how in the world can you mix cereals? I can barely look at that ;)

  9. Love the pink work out gear:) good call! Yummy baking times:)

  10. Chobani is my favourite type of yoghurt. Not so sweet as the sugary ones!

  11. Those cookies look yummy!!!

    Thanks so much for your love on my blog! So sweet of you. Would love it if you stopped by again soon. Following now

    Love from South Africa


  12. I absolutely love that "home" sign!! I want one!
    I just found your blog, and I am now a follower :)


  13. The cookies made me drool just a little! They look yummy. And I think it's so sweet that you facetime with your family. I'm very close with my family & I couldn't imagine living so far away from them!!


  14. ah that sign is so cute! i want one!

    xo, b.

  15. facetime has honestly saved my soul!!! i can chat up a storm with family all day long that time just passes right on by!

    those cookies looks scrummy. I love baking but hate that they sit in the house until you HAVE to eat em all :/

    Love me some pink workout clothes myself... lately I've been rocking the HOT pink! WOOOOOP!

  16. i totally mix my cereals together too! my hubby thinks i'm crazy. glad i'm not the only one :)

  17. awww your family is so so cute they do face time with you on Sundays! they all look so happy and lovely. And mmm i need to get my hands on that greek yogurt chart!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  18. We love Facetime at our house too!! Chat with father-in-law a few times a week that way. He gets to see our little one all the time!

    I am soooo jealous of your hydrangeas!!! Can't wait for summer in Iowa!!


  19. what beautiful flowers and yummy pictures! and i am rooting for the 9ers in the super bowl for sure!

  20. All of these are great!!! We're always using Facetime to keep in touch with the family back east.


  21. Facetime really is the best! What did we do before it?!

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  23. Oh wow.. I love that chobani chart. I am definitely going to steal that and use for cooking. Thanks for sharing!


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