Thursday, December 12, 2013

dinner on the doorstep

blue apron...
AKA my new obsession.
last week after a busy day of work,
i came home to this big box full
of all the ingredients for a gourmet 
meal on my doorstep. i knew
right away that it was the beginning
of a beautiful friendship. i love to cook
and try new recipes, but when you are
cooking for two it's hard to justify
buying fancy ingredients when you 
don't know how often you'll use them.

blue apron provides i n c r e d i b l e
recipes and pre-measures all of the
spices, vegetables, meats, grains, etc.
to put it together. it is packed on ice 
so it's completely fresh, and you still
get to go through the steps of cooking 
everything-- you just don't do the
grocery shopping, recipe finding,
or measuring! it's the best.
i recommend this highly...
get it to cook for a special
occasion, to have on hand for a
busy night, or give it as a gift
to someone! anyone would love it.

we made hangar steak with homemade
guacamole and plantains, {yum!!}
chicken sliders, and spiced shrimp
with the most amazing cous cous.
these meals still took time to
prepare, but they were so fun!
i got to use ingredients i never
normally use, and i already learned
more about cooking in the three
ingredients i made. from a girl 
who is all about eating well,
i 100% endorse blue apron!
see their website here.
and see all the good meals
they provided us with below.
hope this post doesn't 
make you too hungry! 

^^ fried sweet plantains! yum. these reminded
me of our cuban meals in miami...
i've wanted to make them ever since!
hangar steak with homemade guacamole
and fried sweet plantains. yummmmm!
this was chase's favorite meal of the week.
everything was so fresh and they combine
the best flavors and ingredients for you!
the second meal was chicken sliders.
these also had a great flavor and they
were a fun, different dinner to have. 
the third and most unique meal
was spiced shrimp with cous cous.
this was amazing and unlike anything
i've ever made! i would never normally
buy these spices and so many ingredients,
but when they all come in just the right
amount, it's amazing to use them!
the couscous had things like
toasted almonds, dates, prunes,
roasted onions, spinach, and more.
so flavorful and delicious!
the fresh shrimp! 

thanks to blue apron for sponsoring this
delicious post. i can't wait to order
our next box...and order a few as
gifts! they ship to most places in the US,
so go check out their website here!
it's reasonable and worth checking out.
hope this gives you another way to
eat well!



  1. what a great concept! BTW, your link at the bottom doesn't work

    1. it is the best!
      thanks so much for telling me-- just fixed it!

  2. What a cool idea! You're so right about cooking for two. So many nights we just go out to eat because we don't feel like wasting food to make something nice.

  3. I'm so glad you posted about this! A friend of mine is always Instagramming his Blue Apron meals and I've been so intrigued. Yours look amazing!

  4. How awesome! No thinking, just make good and eat!


  5. OMG - why have I never heard of this? And this would be a great gift for a couple as a housewarming gift or something!! Thanks so much ~ great post!!

  6. Wow! I've never heard of this, such an amazing idea. :)

  7. This is fantastic. I cannot understand why there aren't more businesses like this!

  8. That is so cool! I would love to try it out!

  9. I love this food and avocados are my favourite dinner option!!


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