Thursday, December 26, 2013

'twas the night before christmas...

christmas eve was nothing short of
m a g i c a l .
we had my mom's famous prime rib with
gorgonzola sauce, twice baked potatoes, rolls,
roasted asparagus, and the best raspberry salad.
dessert was even better, white chocolate raspberry
cheesecake that we all RAVED about! mmmm.
i hope one day i am half the cook my mom is.
^^ my contribution this year-- homemade chocolate
macarons. i may be a french girl at heart, but whew
those were a labor of love! i had to start them 2 days
before, and it was intricate but fun to see how they are
made! i loved having them on christmas eve but may
need to buy them next year to continue this tradition :)
before dinner we did a nativity scene, it was
so cute and special and set the tone for
the entire night. i love that we have the
perfect little mary, joseph, and baby jesus!
the girls were angels and the boys were the
3 wise men, and my parents were shephards.
very fitting! we filmed it so we can watch
every year when we do it on christmas eve.
^^ the cutest mary and the cutest sheep i've ever seen.
after dinner, the nativity, and some bell playing,
it was time for presents! i love exchanging
gifts with loved ones because of all the thought
that goes into the gifts. this year was no exception!
little tagg was the best gift deliverer
we sort of had a theme this year with gifts,
thanks to chase's job making it easy!
the boys in their new google gear!
my dad loves the grandkids too much to
stop playing and focus on a picture! haha
maddie mae was pretty happy about her 
new minnie mouse tent and ski suit!
and my dad made tagg a basketball hoop
with his own face on it...the cutest!
darling camera strap my sister in law
made for me-- she's too talented!
watching tagg open gifts-- maddie was too excited!
tuckered out after all the gifts. 
little elf boy trying on his dad's shoes.
we had a perfect christmas eve spent at home with family.
hope it was magical for everyone!


  1. looks like you had a wonderful time with your family

  2. Macaroons are on my bucket list of recipes to make! I will definitely have to make them in the New Year. Your Christmas pictures are beautiful!

    1. making macarons should definitely be on your resolution list for 2014! hope you're having a great break!! xo

  3. What a wonderful Christmas eve!!! :)

  4. Your photos look like they can be in a magazine - they are so perfect!! Looks like a wonderful Christmas Eve and I can't wait for the macaroon recipe :)

  5. You are a champ to figure out how to make macarons! Nativities with nieces and nephews are the best. The little ones had already gone to bed by the time we did ours so our baby Jesus was a 4 year old girl. Haha!

  6. Such gorgeous pictures. Your mom is welcome to cook for me anytime! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Cute em! That dinner had my mouth watering! Hope you enjoy your break! xo


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