Sunday, December 29, 2013

all of the lights

a visit to salt lake city is not complete
without seeing temple square, especially
with the famous lights during christmas time.
we went down with chase's family and took in 
all the pretty lights with everyone after 
a fun dinner out. we walked the grounds and tried to
count all the day i want them to do ALL the 
lights just's my dream! it would be so pretty.
but, can't really complain-- they are gorgeous
either way. this little outing always reminds us
of the meaning of this whole season, the real light
in our lives. i love the gorgeous temple and all
that it symbolizes...and i love the symbolism of light!
i hope in 2014 i bring as much light as i can into the world.
cheesy, but i mean it.
chase and his cute brother paris ^^
^^ pretty cute uncle if you ask me.
and that wraps up our time in SLC!

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  1. These lights are lovely! I also wish places would do just white. I think that would be breath taking. Glad you had a wonderful new year. :)

    xo. Kailagh

  2. So pretty! I agree, white lights are the best. I lived in Utah for 4 years and never went to see the SLC temple lights... I meant to do it this Christmas, but I haven't seemed to make it. You've inspired me to recommit! LOL

  3. i love slc during christmas.
    i've actually only seen the lights once.
    but it truly is gorgeous.


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