Monday, December 9, 2013

no one does a holiday party like google

friday was good to us.
we had husband's holiday work party that night,
and google never disappoints. it was themed 
"old hollywood" and it was in the treasure island 
naval building. they projected old movies on the walls, 
served the best food, had food trucks, music, the works. 
it was pouring rain outside which always makes for an 
even better night if you ask me. we stayed at the cutest 
boutique hotel in SF after, so it felt like we were 
away in our own city! it was the best weekend.
we partnered with hotel diva and stayed there friday
for a little feature. we checked in before the party and 
enjoyed the mini hotel stay-cation! it is a unique,
stylish hotel full of great design right in union square.
^^ getting ready
i'm a sucker for coffee table books,
and these give you a sense of how
stylish hotel diva is. love that they
provide these for guests to read!
then it was off to the party!
an umbrella is 
the best accessory.
^^ old movies playing on all of the walls
red carpet!
{i have my very own gatsby.}
after the amazing party,
we had to walk by the union
union square christmas tree
even though it was almost 2 AM.
these things make me giddy!
we came back to ghirardelli hot chocolate in our room...
that is the sign of a great hotel if you ask me!
we were so ready to sleep after a long 
but amazing night out! thank goodness 
for the hot chocolate + comfiest bed 
that gave us the best night's sleep.
thanks hotel diva! and, thanks to google.
this was definitely one of the 12 dates
of christmas, and maybe the best so far.
happy december from san francisco!


  1. Very cool pics and u look so beautiful! :)


  2. You guys look incredible, very glam :)

  3. Looks like fun! I love your guys' outfit!

  4. I need to go up north soon! And the hotel looks incredible!

  5. So glamorous! Love it!

  6. That hotel room is gorgeous! Also, you are the perfect Gatsby/Daisy combo!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Such a fun party theme!!

  8. I thought of this website when I watched "The Internship" this weekend. Love this holiday party idea! And that hotel sounds AWESOME!

  9. everything about this looks like so much fun!

  10. Wow what an amazing night! :) Love the photos.

  11. fancy! love your head piece you both looked great!

  12. I love your blog and coming to it and reading. your so adventurous and do amazing things<3 that hotel looks amazing, and noting beats a big comfy bed and hot chocolate :)

    1. you're the sweetest. i'm glad you agree about a big bed + hot choc, proof we'd be friends! xo

  13. Wow! How glam! You two look absolutely fabulous. The place looks incredible.
    Amy @


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