Friday, December 20, 2013

glimpses of december

december, please slow down.
i love you so much and don't
want you to end! every day of you 
has been full of events and 
festivities, and i love our full,
happy calendar this month.
you have flown by faster
than ever! we go home
t o n i g h t for the 
holidays, so before all of
those events-- here is a
 little glimpse of our december. 
^^ found this year's ornament 
to add to our collection!
last week we had a serious california cold snap,
and i had to use this scarf to hide the fact that i was
wearing my hubby's huge sweatshirt underneath
my coat to work.. for 4 days in a row. oops! 
now we're back to 70°, that's more like it.
hi nordy, you sure are pretty this time of year!
and you are too, macy's.
^^ homemade butternut squash soup was calling
my name all month long. nothing like cozy 
comfort foods this time of year!
grilled cheese + soup=  yes.
^^ add cinnamon rolls to that, even better.
SF christmas trolleys >>> better than anything.
favorite thai place with our favorite friends.
^^ christmas cards all addressed and sent!
as long as we were addressing and sending
out all of our christmas cards, i got around to
sending personalized thank you cards
to all of our great sponsors!! ^^
^^ looking back on the books i read this year
it's a rule to make this at least
once per december
early christmas gifts from sweet friends
the city still sparkles even in december.
i have almost all of our gifts done, 
now just need to get to the fun part..
the wrapping.
happy december from union square!
now, off to have a white christmas.


  1. Could not agree more with how quickly December is flying by! But you have had a wonderful December and your scarf…SWOON! Happy Friday!

  2. Where did you get that globe ornament?! Love that! What was your favorite book you read this year?

    1. the globe ornament is from paper source! as for favorite book, i think it would have to be the paris wife. wonder was also so impactful and memorable! what was your favorite book of the year?

  3. Amen to that... I need to write the same letter to December! I noticed in your pix you are friends with 'hungry runner girl'! Love her too!
    Safe travels home!

  4. I feel the exact same way! Can't we just hit pause on December? It is my absolute favorite month! Love that J.Crew Necklace!

  5. Em! What a glamorous beautiful life. Loved these photos, what a great December! Have a Merry Christmas,

  6. so quickly! happy December. enjoy your time at home!

  7. gotta love those san fran trolleys ;)
    haha love you!

  8. I love that ornament you found! It is so beautiful just like that last picture of you two! What a gorgeous couple!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  9. Lovin' the polka dot wrapping paper!!

    And such fun Christmas cards - your hand lettering for the envelopes is fabulous!!


  10. That Christmas trolley is so cute! Have a wonderful holiday! :)

  11. Your December looks like it's been beyond beautiful, I can see why you would want it to slow down :)

  12. Oh the trolleys! So cool :) Very festive, I like!
    And your wrappings are just so pretty! I love when people take time to make the gift wrapping special too!

    Happy Holidays!
    xo Kat


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