Tuesday, December 10, 2013

tuesday 10: christmas gift list

it really is hard to remember that christmas is 
so soon when you live in california. the lack
of snow confuses me! luckily it has been 
getting really chilly in the mornings 
here, and we've been doing some
fun festive dates so now i can
finally think about christmas.

holiday shopping is in full
swing, and though christmas
is about way more than presents,
i do love finding great little gifts
during this time of year and
thinking of what others would love.
i can't share gifts i've found for
husband + family + friends yet 
because it would ruin the 
surprise, so instead i wanted
to share this list of cute things
i've had my eye on..and 
hopefully it gives ideas
to some of you for your gifts!
add any favorites below!

ten christmas gift ideas
1. never have i seen something so perfect! 
mint + gold passport cover, j.crew.
perfect for any travel lover.

2. this bag. yes yes yes.
if you understand this reference 
you are my best friend.
if not, go watch 
you've got mail 

3. i just want one 
to put pencils in. 
is that so much to ask?
{these are a darling
gift to fill with treats
and wrap up!}

4. don't tell my dad, but i might finally
want a road bike. {he's been trying to 
convince me for years.} we just have
so many pretty places to bike here, and
my old purple mountain bike is feeling
a little too heavy. we will see!
you can give the gift of activity 
with some cycling gear, swim goggles,
hiking poles, ski gear, or whatever
adventurous activity your loved one enjoys.

5. i'm a sucker for the
word darling and for big
pillows, so this is right up
my alley. paying $120 for a pillow
is not up my alley, but here's hoping
it goes on sale :) see it here.

6. a big bag of these as a stocking stuffer.
i don't know when it happened, but i could 
LIVE off of raw almonds..and raw pecans. 
costco supplies me with my 3 pound bags 
of them and i am a happy girl. i'm 
serious that i would consider bag 
of these a fabulous gift. you could also 
buy these in bulk and candy them,
then bag them up to go with neighbor gifts!
fulfill my cravings, and since we have 
so many sweets during the holidays
this is a refreshing stocking stuffer.

7. this watch. you can never 
go wrong with kate spade.
or gold. or sparkles.

8. personalized travel jewelry case 
{by mark & graham}
loving other travel gifts
here and here.

9. chromecastthis is a great idea for a gift!
it's like apple TV, but google's 
version that just came out. it's only 
$35 and plugs into any TV. it will
stream youtube, netflix, HBO, anything
you want from your computer or phone.
we just got it and can't wait to use it!

10. a membership. there are so many 
amazing and fun services and websites 
popping up all over the place,
why not introduce a loved one 
by signing them up? two recent 
favorites are: blue apron...a gourmet
meal delivery company that brings 
incredible, fresh ingredients to
your door all ready to be cooked.
{a post coming on them this week}
or, how about we, -- the most
genius website full of date ideas
and experiences where you live!
we are working with them and
have some really fun dates
lined up. a membership here
would be a fabulous gift!

although i love little items 
+ trinkets, 
i still believe that the
are experiences...and travel.
that is why i always tell
chase i only want a trip
for christmas..but i don't
mind a few little stocking
stuffers to go with it :)
see more ideas for that here.

and for more amazing gift ideas
go look up @thegiftlist on instagram
by my cute friend dani. you will find
endless great and classy ideas!



  1. Love this list! I have that passport in gold and I am pretty sure I'm in love with it. ;) <3

    1. ahh yes i need it in gold or mint! xoxoxo

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. I don't remember the last time I got a major Christmas or birthday gift that wasn't a plane, game, or musical ticket. That passport cover is too cute.

    1. glad you feel the same! those kinds of gifts really do "keep on giving!" xo

  3. Love that passport holder, so pretty! One of my bridesmaids gave me a pretty gold one at my bridal shower and I love it :)

    P.S. Growing up in CT and living in FL now, there is a drastic difference in the weather this time of year and I couldn't love it more. I was worried it wouldn't feel like Christmas without being cold to the bone, but it definitely does and I appreciate it more being able to sit outside!

    1. wow i bet that is a huge difference in florida! but it's so nice to go home and visit for the holidays and get that snow for a week...then come back to the warmth! :) xo

  4. I love the passport cover, super cute!

    1. right? they have all different colors but that is my favorite!

  5. Travel gifts are definitely the best. If only there was more time to go on trips! That's what I need! ;)

    1. you need time to come out here for a visit!

  6. Go to the mattresses! Love You've Got Mail. I want that exact book shop with the twinkly lights.

    1. ahh! offically bffs.

      can you spell dog?
      F - O - X

  7. What a phenomenal gift idea list! These are the most personalized, yet practical gifts I've seen yet! Love it!

  8. Get a bike get a bike! Promise you will love biking SF. I hear that SF & Austin (my city) are the two best cities for bikers.


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