Thursday, December 5, 2013

e x p l o r e

"you are an explorer.
your mission is to document
and observe the world 
around you like you've 
never seen it before.
take notes. collect things
you find on your travels. 
document your findings.
notice patterns. copy. trace.
focus on one thing at a time.
record what you are drawn to."
i saw this quote and it resonated so much with me.
i am constantly dreaming of travel. i know this is something i 
share in common with so many other people, and that most people 
love to travel..but i think travel truly does something else for me. 
it is how i learned about the world growing up. it has shaped my 
views and my personality. it is something i crave and think 
about constantly. not because i'm not content where i am, but 
because i know there is so much beauty to see and i never 
want to lose an opportunity to experience somewhere new, or 
find something different in a familiar place. i can't think of 
anything more inspiring than traveling. traveling is about 
you and the world and how you fit into it. it's about soaking
up more and growing as a person. it's about learning as much 
as you can from others around you. i am mesmerized by all of 
the different cultures and ways of life in this world. i am 
so fascinated by travel. there is no better feeling in the
world than this never ending learning experience.

so, here's to travel.
here's to jet lag. here's to the rush
of landing in a foreign place.
here's to feeling more in love and more alive.
here's to packing light so you aren't weighed down
by items, and can instead collect experiences. 
here's to taking far too many photos.
here's to meeting locals. here's to opening your mind
to a different way of life. here's to trying new food. 
here's to staring at the beauty of a place in awe. 
here's to feeling far away from home. here's to 
appreciating where you're from. here's to being 
your happiest and living life to the fullest.

whether it's getting on a plane
and flying halfway around 
the world, or exploring your 
own hometown to find 
a new hidden gem...
go out and explore.
dream. discover.
20 years from now
you'll only be 
disappointed in 
the things 
you didn't do.

and there you have it.


  1. ah, I love this. here's to adventure. :)

  2. I hear you! Some people get it, some don't. I would hate to have to holiday in the UK and never see another country. For some, they have no choice, financially, but for those that do have a choice, I don't understand anyone not wanting to travel.

    1. i feel the same!! and of course everyone has different ability to travel far, but everyone can explore, even where they're from! glad you and i are kindred travel lovers :) xo

  3. Love this!! I love travel and wish I got to do it more! We just decide to "travel" where we are when we can't travel abroad. One of our fave things to do is to just try out small local restaurants. PS Have you and Chase been to Chunga's in SLC? It is one of our favorite little treasures!

  4. Love the last print!! Just pinned it:) Where did you find it? I'd love to purchase it!!! Also, thanks for saying hello! You are awesome. Travel literally changes lives…i'm addicted too hehe! xxooo Katie

  5. Love it! There is so much out there to explore, I don't understand not feeling compelled to go discover the world!

    Ella | 

  6. You explained me and my love for traveling PERFECTLY in this post! Maybe we are kindred travel buddies :)

  7. oh man - that last line " 20 years from now you'll only be disappointed in the things you didn't do" BAM you're right!
    I just went on my first overseas travel this past summer to Ireland & Scotland. absolutely amazing, and I can NOT wait to get back there!
    great - inspiring - motivating post! :)

  8. I love that first quote you mentioned! Being able to experience different cultures and ways of life around the world is such a blessing!

  9. love this. you have officially managed to give me the travel bug! :)

  10. loveeee this!! now i want to go plan a trip :) xox

  11. I love this post. And I completely agree about traveling! I am a huge proponent of seeing this beautiful world!

  12. Yes, love this post and couldn't agree more! There is so much of the world to see!

  13. This is probably my most favorite blog post yet!

  14. I'm so happy that you are being able to travel so much and live your dreams. You are so blessed and one day I hope to travel as much as you do! You are incredibly inspiring and lovely :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. you are incredibly sweet and lovely yourself. we are so blessed to be able to make travel a priority right now, and no matter what we will always explore where we are! and, you are blessed to have your writing gift that i am so obsessed with :)

  15. Great post! We love your blog over here at Stowaway Magazine :) I've been browsing through your posts and it's great to see other young people so enthusiastic about travel...I especially love how you say that you want to experience all of the beauty that the world has to offer, because that is so true. Thanks for uplifting and inspiring others to see the world!



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