Tuesday, February 25, 2014

bom dia portugal!

after starting our trip in madrid, 
it was time for 
i'll just admit now, i have a huge crush 
on this country. it was kind of love 
at first sight, and i think you'll see why.
we landed late at night and it was raining...
already perfect. we took the train and walked
the wet cobblestone streets to our hotel.
i am all about "moments" when traveling, and
this was one of my favorites. walking through the
empty, charming streets late at night in the
rain with chase in a brand new place was magic.
it felt like we had the entire place to ourselves!
i am happiest and most in love when i'm in a new
place exploring with my husband. can you 
blame me for wanting to do this constantly? 
we woke up to a sunny, gorgeous morning
ready to explore this darling town of porto!
we adored our amazing hotel...obsessed
with guest house duoro! {more on it to come}
 we went to breakfast at the traveller café
right off rua santa catarina, one of the main
shopping streets. great location and better food!
^^ my juice, called "the cure." 
exactly what i needed after all
of our flights up until then.
^^ what could be better than this?
^^ fresh squeezed OJ. yes pleeeeease.
^^ after lots of unhealthy delicious meals in europe,
this breakfast was MUCH NEEDED. we had been
missing our juice and especially needed it as
we continued our crazy, jet-lagged itinerary!
^^ also loved it because not only does this
place have great food, it's all themed around
travel. obviously we had to eat here!
^^ thanks to the traveller café
for the perfect start to our day!
^^ cutest porto pooch.
the guest house duoro was one of the highlights
of porto, because we feel like we made two new
best friends! the owners carmen and joão are 
seriously the best. they have opened up the nicest 
guest house right on the river in porto..
prime location. they welcomed us with open arms 
and took such good care of us. we will go back to porto 
just to spend more time with them one day!
^^ how cute are they? they sent us to all the best
places and really gave us a taste of the best of porto.
we are so happy we stayed here and wouldn't stay
anywhere else in porto! more details and pictures
of this lovely guest house coming on the porto guide.
we love you, porto!
so much that we dance
in your streets! more of
this charming town to come.


  1. I really need to make a trip to Portugal this year. Look like you had a great time!

    Anita Hendrieka

    1. yes, put it at the tippy top of your list!! i hope you go! xo

  2. So adorable- your photos really capture the trip!

  3. I am going to Porto later in the year and this post got me excited! Thanks!

    1. oh my goodness you will LOVE it! more to come, plus a guide that will hopefully send you to all the best spots! xo

  4. I am 100 perecent Portuguese and spent 2 weeks in Portugal all over the country and 1 week in the Azores! Can't wait for more pics xoo!

    You went to my parents country while i went to your hometown! too funny!

    1. haha i love that so much.....we switched! you are lucky to be 100% portugese because i am 100% in love with the entire country and people! can't wait to hear about SLC! XO

  5. You two are the cutest!! Those croissants look heavenly!! I totally agree - you fall more in love with the person you're with while travelling and exploring!!

  6. What an amazing trip!! The food and the sites look wonderful.

  7. How long did you stay in Lisbon and also Porto?

    1. we were on a time crunch, so just 2 days in each! fast but we felt like we got a great sense and packed things in that we wanted to see!


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