Monday, February 24, 2014

madrid, part dos

more madrid!
{see madrid part one here}
^^ cava baja. one of the best little streets!
{especially for tapas}
^^ scootering down the grand via was 
a favorite moment for sure. it is the main
street with hotels, theatres, and shops,
and we were staying right on it. after trips
i always ask chase what his favorite moments
were, and this was definitely one of them!
^^ chase was pretty excited to visit the real madrid
bernabéu football stadium, wow it's enormous!
they sure love their football {soccer} here!
plaza de españa
{above and below}
^^ fuente de la cibeles
mercado de san miguel...
we are always suckers for
any type of food market.
one word: tapas.
we are suckers for these too.
^^ plaza de toros de las ventas,
the bullfighting stadium
^^ we stopped at the google madrid office,
it was incredible and had the best views
and food! it's so fun to visit google's offices
when we travel, they always have amazing locations.
^^ photographing plaza mayor
^^ i'll probably never get over our 
hotel atlantico in madrid. so so incredible. have to go to zara in spain, 
because it's the birthplace, hello!
on to portugal!


  1. My husband studied abroad in Spain and loved Madrid!! All your photos are most certainly making me want to visit...I went to Barcelona, but looks like Madrid should have been on the list as well!! Enjoy Portugal!!

    1. that's amazing he studied abroad here! barcelona is also so amazing, but madrid is so different so you'll have to go back someday! Xo

  2. Replies
    1. it was the best! put it on your list if you ever visit porto.

  3. Madrid looks/sounds like a blast! That picture of you on the scooter is so awesome, I can't wait to go to Spain :)

    1. i hope you go soon! amazing. the scooter was chase's idea and ended up being so fun!!

  4. This looks amazing! And your outfit... girl, you are one stylish traveler. :)

  5. I love reading about your adventures. Besides providing great places to explore, you always look so cute! Where did you find your polka dot backpack? Also, any tips for flying economy class overseas?

    1. you're too nice! my husband bought me that backpack online, i will check with him to see where it was from! LOTS of tips for long flights in coach...thanks for the idea, maybe i'll do a post on that! :) xo

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