Sunday, February 2, 2014

sunday notes

dear february, so glad you've arrived..and can't wait for the fun trip you are bringing with you!

dear juice cleanse, wow you've been tough. hope i can make it through day 3 today! i miss my best friend-- food.

dear chipotle, i have dreamed of a burrito bowl constantly during this juice cleanse. i'm coming for you this week!

dear superbowl, it really should have been the 49ers playing.

dear anthropologie, thanks for distracting me from the cleanse yesterday. almost there!

dear girls trips, can you be every weekend?

dear yoga, why do i sometimes forget about you? i need you in my life way more often.

dear jimmy fallon, you made my week this week.

dear emails, you are so much better than texts.

dear shania, haven't stopped listening to you since your concert last week. ask chase.

dear 2013 scrapbook,'s time to get you finished and ordered.

dear life, i'm a little overwhelmed right now. take it easy. i still love you though!



  1. I love this. And I'm so happy you get to reunite with Chipotle soon. That's tough, girl! :) Happy Sunday!

  2. Love this! :) I am so happy that it's february. :)


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