Wednesday, February 26, 2014

pretty porto

this town...i mean!!!
can you see why i have a major crush on it now?
the são bento train station is so beyond 
gorgeous, with blue tiles everywhere. swoon.

^^ this blue tile church! i stood in front of it
for 20 minutes and took way too many pictures 
because i loved it that much. gorgeous!
scootin' around town thanks to
^^ see what i'm doing here?
sneaking more pictures of this church in
throughout the post because i can't choose just
one picture! especially against the blue sky -- ahh!
in the afternoon the clouds rolled in,
just how i like it :) the colorful
 buildings still looked so pretty 
against the dark grey sky!
^^ we cruised down the beach on the scooter...
look at that wave on the left. this area
is surfer's heaven, major waves.
time for dinner! the name of this restaurant
literally translates to: "the best chocolate cake
in the world." that is the name of the actual
restaurant! obviously i had to eat here :)
^^ pulling up to dinner right at the door!
^^ here's the famous chocolate cake! the founder 
carlos brás lopez created this recipe on accident
but it became so popular that customers began
to request "the best chocolate cake in the world."
after a while, he renamed his entire restaurant
after it! it is soooo delicious and unlike any chocolate
cake i have ever tasted. it has layers of meringue 
and ganache in between. it is like a big chocolate
macaron in cake form..what could be better?
^^ chase got milk chocolate, 
i got dark chocolate of course.
^^ can you tell we liked it?
^^ we ended the greatest night 
back in our cozy room at guest house duoro,
looking out over the pretty river.
take me back!!!


  1. gorgeous photos Em! You are making me want to go back! Please put the Azores on your list of travel spots! !!! and OMG i just realized I never put my azores pictures on the blog! will have to do that!

    1. oh my goodness for sure adding azores! i didn't realize they were islands off the coast! how long was the flight from mainland portugal to them? amazing!! can't wait to see pictures from your time there!

    2. I think its a 1-2 hour flight off the coast! We went straight from Boston :) It has been called one of the most beautiful places on earth by several people- will let you know when I have the pictures up!

  2. Your photos have me dreaming of a European vacation!! It looks like porto is so rich with culture!! Love the scarf you're wearing!! :) Living vicariously through your photos!

    1. it really is the best little town with so much personality and culture. i hope these photos took you vicariously to porto today! XOXOXO

  3. Oh my goodness girlfriend are you just the luckiest?! This place is heaven!



    1. it really is probably what heaven looks like! anyone who visits this place is the luckiest!!

  4. Those tiles are gorgeous and that cake.....! : )

    1. right? i should have just stayed forever don't you think?

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Love those blue tiles

  6. Oh I would absolutely have a crush on it as well! Lovely pictures. I wish I was there right now, but Im glad you are having a wonderful time.


  7. I'm dying at all the gorgeous blue tile!! So gorgeous.

    1. so was i!! getting so excited for you and your big trip!!

  8. Aw, those colors, those buildings! I'm dying! So stunning!! :)
    xo TJ

  9. Gorgeous! I love all the colorful buildings! What a beautiful place to get to visit.

  10. Portugal seems amazing!! It's on my top list of places to visit because I am Brazilian so I'm of Portuguese descent. Gosh these pictures seriously blow my mind!

  11. oh my! these photos are fantastic! such a beautiful place! and you both look so happy!


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