Sunday, February 9, 2014

you'll leave your heart in san francisco

what a whirlwind weekend! we unexpectedly
found an amazing new studio apartment right 
in downtown san francisco off of union square,
so we said carpe diem and went for it! we packed
things up and moved in the pouring rain this
weekend, and while moving is overwhelming
it's fun and adventurous and our dream...and
that's what we're all about! so here we go!

lots more pictures to come as we get our place
together {probably more after our europe trip
coming up this week}..but here are a few pictures
from our new place, and some love for my
came just in time for our fun new place!
^^ our building!
^^ in love with the lobby + the old classic elevator
^^ gates going out onto the street
^^ we love you, leavenworth st.
to celebrate our move from the south bay into downtown,
i got the perfect sweatshirt from --i fell in love
with it right when i discovered this site from my friend lisa! 
think classic,  retro designs for all your favorite places // activities!

i got this sweatshirt to say i'm obsessed.
i am already emotionally attached to it and know i'll
wear it forever! it is so comfy and classic, and says
one of my favorite phrases about my favorite city
where we get to live right now. i love wearing it
in SF and other places because i'm always repping
my city! unlike tourist shops where you find shirts
like "i♥NY" that aren't very original, homage offers
unique, great designs for the places you love.
my favorite is their destinations page, where you
can find items from all different places. one of 
my favorite parts about this website is that you
can find things for yourself, and it's also SO 
great for gifts. if a friend is moving somewhere
or gets into college, go here to find a unique
sweatshirt for them! i have so much pride in
my college // my city etc, so i LOVE this
site. anyway, if you don't believe me, just 
check it out yourself here and fall in ♥. 
thank me later!


  1. I love old buildings and this is no exception! What a stunning lobby! Congrats on your new home. : ) x

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. thanks dear! i know, the lobby sold me haha xo

  2. WOW! SO amazing! I cant wait to see your new place, I love your style!<3
    xo cait

    1. you're the will be fun to put together a tiny studio and make it feel like home! Xo

  3. Yay! Congrats on finding a great place to live, lady! I can't wait to see more photos once you get settled in. You have such great taste!


    1. stop, you're the sweetest...hope we can make the tiny space cute! XO

  4. Ok love the pictures you have posted! Can't wait to see more when you are fully moved in! I love love love the door!

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  6. oh my word emi it is adorable!!!
    such a dream!

  7. Congratulations on the move - it's seriously a gorgeous building!! Hope you have so much fun on your Euro trip and i can't wait for the recap!! :)

  8. Love the new place! How do you know Derek?? I grew up with him!

    1. haha, such a small world! we actually met him that day, his wife emailed me to go to lunch to talk about their blog and europe since they were in town, and since we were moving he was so nice and helped us move the couch in!

  9. Yay!! So exciting. Love your new building. Look forward to seeing you two soon!

  10. Congrats on the new apartment! The building looks amazing!

  11. Looks gorgeous! congrats on the new place! LOVE the signs :)

  12. Love it that Derek made it into the couch pic. That was too funny!

    1. haha had to include it, especially knowing that it didn't fit!!

  13. First of all, congratulations on the move! It looks amazing and I can't wait to see more as you get settled in! Second, I LOVE Homage. I'm from Cincinnati and went to college at Miami University and everyone here loves/wears Homage. Best thing ever. Finally, I'm going to San Francisco for the first time in April and I CAN'T WAIT. Needless to say, I've been stalking your blog even more than usual to get great ideas of places to go!

    1. haha love all of this! you will LOVE sf!

  14. such a happy post - i love love that sweater and your apartment looks gorgeous! i live in a studio with my husband in minneapolis, and i swear it's the best - less to clean and more reason to be close together :)

  15. Chase's down coat + shorts makes me laugh hahaha

  16. So exciting about your apartment!! Moving is always not fun, but so fun to be in a new exciting place. :) Loving the sweatshirt. I just checked out the website but they don't have anything for Portland. :(

    1. haha both such great pros of a studio, love it! Xo

  17. what?! that is amazing! couldn't be a more perfect spot:)


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