Thursday, February 6, 2014

here's to happiness

growing up my mom had a book called "14,000 things to be happy about." 
i loved randomly opening it and reading random things off the huge list 
of happiness, and i started making my own. i added to it over time 
and wanted to make my own book! then i forgot (oops) but just found it 
again on my old laptop and it literally made my heart happy. 
i think that life is all about the little things, because they add 
up and become the big things. i love focusing on little delights
because they bring happiness day in and day out.
today i woke up to the pouring rain (my favorite), so i thought....
what better day to share my happy list? i hope it makes you happy too. 
i will be adding to this my whole life, but here's a start. 
comment with your little happy lists today!

here’s to happiness
life’s tiny delights

·     having the door closed for you in the car.
·     back rubs.
·     breakfast in bed.
·     sunsets.
·     unexpected compliments.
·     meeting a deadline.
·     rain on the roof.
·     pasta and bread.
·     hugs from little kids.
·     love letters.
·     hot brownies.
·     changing perspective.
·     putting together a perfect outfit.
·     good timing.
·     new bags.
·     handwriting.
·     old friends.
·     anticipation.
·     jewelry that describes you.
·     ideas.
·     being involved.
·     gorgeous pictures.
·     eye colors.
·     being comfortable around certain people.
·     sharing a bagel.
·     change.
·     finishing a project.
·     driving.
·     hair in a pony tail.
·     pink socks.
·     names that fit people.
·     finding a song that perfectly describes how you’re feeling.
·     getting to know someone.
·     questions.
·     difference in opinion.
·     belief.
·     understanding current events.
·     giving a compliment to a stranger.
·     surprises.
·     voicemails to wake up to.
·     getting the chills.
·     drinking something hot when you haven’t eaten and feeling the warmth go through you.
·     bubble baths in the middle of the night.
·     washing your face before going to bed.
·     daily routine.
·     finding a perfect quote.
·     lucky numbers
·     walking around the house in a robe and slippers.
·     valentines day.
·     palm trees that bend in the wind.
·     telling a story to someone.
·     skinny pink headbands.
·     being missed by someone.
·     sand under your feet.
·     people with huge vocabularies.
·     checking goals off.
·     breakfast foods.
·     eight hours of sleep.
·     hymns.
·     swimmer’s bodies.
·     peach pie.
·     washing a car on your own.
·     stopping the car to look at a rainbow.
·     sitting with feet in the hot tub.
·     long ski days.
·     secret admirers.
·     having an influence on someone.
·     inside jokes.
·     whispering.
·     new shoes.
·     the part in someone’s hair.
·     thick books.
·     crepes.
·     choosing a piece in a box of chocolates.
·     tom hanks, actor.
·     the idea of love at first sight.
·     perfect teeth.
·     cuddling.
·     sharpie markers.
·     dresses.
·     the color white.
·     getting all dressed up.
·     wearing blush.
·     tan lines.
·     the color white.
·     andy roddick, professional tennis player.
·     oversize sun glasses.
·     receiving flowers.
·     james taylor, musician.
·     birthday parties.
·     subtle perfume.
·     the work it takes to open a pomegranate and then how worth it it is.
·     Laguna Beach, California.
·     fully-charged batteries.
·     starfish.
·     Alta ski resort.
·     nightly prayers.
·     “I love you.”
·     the French language.
·     falling asleep to rain.
·     waking up to rain.
·     Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
·     a perfect ski day.
·     album titles.
·     toned arms.
·     banana cream pie.
·     natural hair color.
·     a day out on the lake.
·     keeping a journal.
·     best friends.
·     poking belly-buttons.
·     big stuffed animals.
·     people who are good at hugging.
·     doorstep kisses.
·     comfortable silence.
·     thursday nights.
·     an open weekend.
·     summer concerts.
·     staying up late.
·     Hawaiian Islands.
·     having things in common with someone.
·     lists of favorite things.
·     sitting under a mango tree.
·     not doing what you’re supposed to.
·     doing what you’re supposed to.
·     warm blankets.
·     a perfect pair of jeans.
·     Uggs.
·     down comforters.
·     dangly earrings.
·     music genres.
·     yellow labs.
·     new friends.
·     laughing until you cry.
·     theatre.
·     junior mints.
·     Kate Spade, designer.
·     gerbera daisies.
·     You’ve Got Mail, 1998
·     getting butterflies
·     college football rivalries.
·     favorite commercials.
·     raspy voices.
·     sports games going into overtime.
·     winking.
·     film reviews.
·     blonde hair.
·     “all will be well” by the Gabe Dixon Band
·     staying and talking forever in the driveway when getting dropped off.
·     hearing something nice someone said about you.
·     signatures.
·     having no cavities at the dentist.
·     déjà vu.
·     You Can’t Take It With You, Broadway play.
·     dogs licking each other’s faces.
·     hair towels.
·     anticipation
·     4-wheel drive
·     january 24, National Compliment Day.
·     deep conversation.
·     oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
·     fiji water.
·     telling stories.
·     conversation starting cards.
·     “The Late Show” with David Letterman
·     peacoats.
·     country flags.
·     remote controls.
·     nicknames.
·     when people get wide eyes when they’re excited.
·     Rudy
·     Polo Ralph Lauren.
·     different fonts.
·     the academy awards.
·     french bread.
·     surprise parties.
·     new people.
·     midnight bowling.
·     jenga.
·     neighbors.
·     riding in the cab of a truck.
·     first impressions.
·     best friends.
·     the smell of rain.
·     getting all dressed up.
·     sunsets on the beach.
·     a bonfire in the canyon.
·     people who have accents.
·     falling in love.
·     staying up all night.
·     Switzerland.
·     back rubs before bed.
·     white roses.
·     hot chocolate.
·     getting kissed in the rain.
·     dogs meeting each other.
·     ice water on a hot day.
·     possibilities.
·     authentic cowboys.
·     brushing your teeth.
·     The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
·     concerts.
·     traveling.
·     being with people just to be with them.
·     grilled cheese sandwiches.
·     open windows.
·     lights off.
·     describing people as “classy.”
·     paninis,
·     Cheesecake Factory.
·     stylish people.
·     dreams that come true.
·     uniqueness.
·     Citris Grill.
·     éclairs.
·     heroes.
·     the university of utah.
·     confidence.
·     masterpieces.
·     when someone drops you off and waits to make sure you get in.
·     feeling safe.
·     superbowl sunday.
·     chips and salsa.
·     baseball.
·     finishing an essay.
·     getting published.
·     picture captions.
·     homemade boston cream pie.
·     advice.
·     saying a prayer at a random time of the day.
·     a nice stranger.
·     coming home.
·     health.
·     pursuing dreams.
·     imagination.
·     daydream believers.
·     falling asleep with a smile.
·     waking up with a smile.
·     intuition.
·     homemade sweet rolls.
·     getting to know a new cd.
·     seeing him and having your heart skip a beat.
·     the beach.
·     trying something new and loving it.
·     desire for knowledge.
·     hours in a bookstore.
·     soulmates.
·     holding hands.
·     conversations with a stranger on a plane.
·     kisses on the forehead.
·     naps.
·     cab rides.
·     seeing your favorite movie again.
·     realizing fate.
·     being part of something.
·     laughing so hard it hurts.
·     cheering someone up.
·     loyalty of dogs.
·     getting the best parking place.
·     courage.
·     coming inside from the rain soaked and drying off with a towel.
·     getting a letter in the mail.
·     friends forever.
·     ability to trust someone else.
·     speaking a different language.
·     moving on.
·     having no regrets.
·     grace.
·     comfort food.
·     long, hot showers.
·     room service.
·     love of siblings.
·     seeing a shooting star.
·     making eye contact and smiling with a stranger.
·     finding a scent that describes you.
·     first kisses.
·     finding someone who takes your breath away.
·     someone believing in you.
·     a fortune cookie with the perfect message.
·     seeing him and finally feeling nothing.
·     braided hair.
·     making good choices.
·     air conditioning.
·     flying first class.
·     sitting by a fire.
·     hearing the words “I love you.”
·     innocence.
·     phone calls in the middle of the night.
·     sense of humor.
·     forgiveness.
·     perfect timing.
·     sharing dreams for the future with a best friend.
·     being pampered for a day.
·     hugs where you don’t ever want to let go.
·     long eyelashes.
·     finding a lost pet.
·     playing hard to get.
·     the guy in your life who isn’t a love but simply someone who adores you.
·     getting the perfect present for someone and watching them open it.
·     catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and being happy with what you see.
·     an unexpected compliment that makes your day.
·     songs that remind you of happy times.
·     thinking of a witty comeback right when you need it.
·     introducing people who become close friends.
·     thick markers.
·     spontaneity.
·     good hair days.
·     ipods.
·     elegance.
·     polka-dots.
·     dark chocolate being good for you.
·     a new month.
·     sponge curlers.
·     pink.
·     dimples.
·     goodnight phone calls.
·     busy days.
·     days with nothing at all that you have to do.
·     raincoats and galoshes.
·     Stephen Speaks, band.
·     the Grammy awards.
·     pink icing.
·     leaving las vegas.
·     “Wicked,” Broadway play.
·     the first time playing tennis in the spring.
·     true friends.
·     Einstein’s Brothers Bagels
·     late night talks.
·     siblings.
·     new song obsessions.
·     bravery.
·     green dresses.
·     my dad.
·     confidence.
·     country music.
·     crossing off goals.
·     sharing a bowl of ice cream with one spoon
·     wishing on fallen eye lashes
·     people watching from the passenger seat of a car
·     that first big breath of fresh air you take when you step outside in the early morning
·     anticipation for the holidays
·     wedding cakes
·     the smell of wet pavement from a heavy first rain
·     the feeling of sand between my toes at the beach
·     discovering a new delicious recipe
·     love notes
·     christmas cookies: making them, eating them...
·     walking through antique stores
·     spending hours in barnes and noble skimming books
·     wedding pictures
·     audrey hepburn movies
·     the sound of a single acoustic guitar
·     worn hardwood floors
·     saturday morning garage sales
·     dreaming up new decorating ideas for my first home
·     postcards
·     jumping in waves
·     the voice of my dad on the phone
·     black hands from charcoal
·     people watching at the airport
·     strangers who smile
·     browsing the travel section of a bookstore
·     receiving hand-written mail from an old friend
·     the sound of sprinklers in the summer
·     thunderstorms
·     candid photos
·     organizing my closet
·     the start of a new season
·     a romantic dinner at a sidewalk cafe
·     fresh flowers in the kitchen
·     a forever family
·     reading what has been highlighted in a used textbook
·     phone calls from far away 
·     window seats
·     giggles that turn into hiccups
·     closing my eyes in a loud restaurant
·     listening to the symphony warm up 
·     shaky legs from a long run
·     embarrassing stories
·     teeth so clean they squeak
·     old couples holding hands
·     surprisingly pleasant people
·     milk mustaches
·     the smell of freshly cut grass
·     making new friends
·     ferris wheels
·     the sound of waffles being buttered
·     photo shoots
·     suspenders
·     finger painting
·     taking pictures of laughing children
·     every romantic, delicious & artistic thing about europe
·     reading old journal entries & laughing at myself
·     looking for images in the clouds
·     having freshly painted toenails
·     feeling invincible after a run
·     going to the airport
·     a bunch of freshly picked sunflowers
·     a really good cry
·     holding newborn babies
·     the fresh, cool feel of the ocean on a summer day
·     reading under a blanket while it's raining outside
·     being able to cook or bake with no deadline
·     an energizing run
·     oreo milkshakes
·     ripe mango
·     taking photographs
·     cuddles from my dog
·     writing letters
·     making art
·     trips to new destinations
·     vintage bicycles
·     sharing a meal with friends
·     the sound of a polaroid camera
·     watercolors
·     building a sand castle
·     when the screen goes completely white during a movie & the whole theater is bathed in it
·     any sandwich that involves toasting/grilling & cheese
·     the way a piece of paper feels after it's been covered with writing from a ballpoint pen
·     the faces of little kids listening to you while you read them a book
·     the feeling you get as you climb the first huge slope of a roller coaster
·     half-melted ice cream
·     the first time you're alone after a first kiss with someone & can privately & ecstatically freak out
·     getting a genuine & meaningful compliment
·     reading while taking a bubble bath
·     writing my name with a sparkler
·     snowflakes so big you can catch them on your tongue
·     rope swings
·     hearing a song that brings back a dreamy memory
·     campfire under a star filled sky
·     tippy toes
·     running further than i thought i could
·     finding the perfect gift
·     tiramisu in italy
·     making my dreams come true
·     being in love
·     learning something new
·     kissing puppies
·     not having to set an alarm
·     laughing until you cry
·     roadside diners
·     rain boots + puddles
·     a brand new pair of socks
·     inside jokes that never die
·     a perfect s'more
·     unexpected moonings
·     dancing in my room
·     cheesy love stories
·     scrabble with my parents
·     the right look from the boy you like
·     an after-workout burn
·     hugs
·     light coming through the slates of my blinds
·     paperback books
·     the harmonica
·     photobooths
·     reading children's books
·     being at the peak of a ferris wheel
·     hearing the testimonies of friends
·     spending time in prayers
·     hearing and saying "i love you"
·     red velvet cupcakes
·     finding a delicious recipe to share
·     overcast saturdays
·     reading in bed with fresh sheets
·     old school photo booths
·     wind chimes
·     little kid british accents
·     paper chain count downs
·     acoustic anything
·     ducklings
·     slurpees
·     new beginnings + second chances
·     black + white photobooth strips
·     white daisies
·     being the new girl
·     the crackly sound of old vinyls
·     railway stations & airports, the excitement of traveling
·     chasing bubbles
·     sunrise at the seashore
·     walking home in the late hours of the night
·     cobbled streets
·     little kids asking silly questions with the utmost seriousness
·     browsing through books in the silence of a library
·     holding hands
·     a friend that calls again just to make sure you're really OK
·     hot dogs at a baseball game
·     the smell of fires burning on cold, winter days
·     getting a letter in the mail
·     the first sight of the ocean when you finally arrive at the beach
·     a handpicked bouquet
·     polka dots...on anything
·     the sound of a typewriter
·     drinking from a straw
·     the feeling of coming home
·     the way my hair feels under water
·     unexpected gifts
·     anything to do with holidays
·     making lists
·     summer nights
·     road trips
·     a new magazine in the mail
·     christmas lights
·     down comforters
·     frank sinatra
·     folding warm laundry
·     anything pink
·     eating outside on the patio
·     late night phone calls from far away best friends
·     back rubs
·     vacuum lines in the carpet
·     my brothers
·     running through the sprinklers
·     ice water
·     the sound of the orchestra tuning before a performance
·     discovering new cities
·     a killer sale
·     new music
·     dark chocolate
·     feeling smitten
·     pretending to have a british accent
·     coloring outside the lines
·     writing my secrets in foggy windows and watching them disappear
·     bright early mornings
·     natural light
·     being a spectator
·     all the different types of cheese in france
·     polaroid cameras
·     discovering a new band
·     family
·     islands
·     picnics
·     fizzy water
·     a good book
·     the first whiff of fall
·     bobbing up & down in the ocean
·     wood floors
·     adventure
·     open windows
·     rooftop parties
·     rainy weekend mornings
·     going to the farmer’s market
·     new boxes of crayons
·     san francisco fog 
·    when my ipod is psychic
·     beautiful stationery
·     good mexican food
·     green paint
·     passion fruit
·     smells of spring
·     turquoise
·     the internet
·     getting caught singing my heart out in my car


  1. oh I love this! I would love the pick up that book.

    One of my 30 by 30 goals is to write a list of 100 things that make me happy. This post is a great inspiration!

    1. the book is the best! i love your goal...i bet you will get to 100 and want to keep going!
      i'm so sad it was busy last month and we didn't get time you're up north or we're in socal let's please grab lunch! xo

  2. I love this!! I believe that when I get myself so stressed out and I look at little things like this it helps me calm down and remember how precious and special life really is

  3. Great list!! 'swimmers bodies' hehe

  4. Wonderful list! I'll give you mine in ten:
    - Big Breakfasts
    - When my sleeping puppy yips in her dreams
    - Soft Sweaters
    - When my Husband comes home early from work
    - Getting lost in a writing project
    - Hiking in the cold
    - Mother/Daughter outfits
    - Making my dad laugh
    - When students ask great questions
    - Stormy Seas

    Great project! :)


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