Tuesday, August 19, 2014

food trucks with friends

we have to bring every single one of our visitors to try 
san francisco's food truck scene. what's better than a 
food truck parttt-ayy!? when our cute friends came to 
visit last week we ate very well, and part of those good 
eats came from our favorite, off the grid. we showed them 
all of our favorites and then forced ourselves to try 
something new, and we're so glad we did. fresh baked
empanadas, yes please. also chimney cake: have you heard 
of it? you're about to be really thankful to me for 
introducing you :) loved this night with our friends!
we went with el sur empanadas this time. we fell in love 
with empanadas on our trip to miami but haven't found 
good ones forever! problem now solved by: el sur. they 
sell out almost every week at off the grid, so what does 
that tell you? i love their old school van and the entire vibe.
there is something for everyone with all different and 
unique flavors whether you want meat, cheese, vegetables, 
or a combo. loved the pollo saltado, verde, & champiñones.
 the best part of this truck is the story behind the owner. 
she is a classically trained chef who attended culinary 
school at the famous cordon bleu in paris, then worked 
at some incredible restaurants (like french laundry in napa)
before deciding she wanted to return to her roots and make
the food she grew up with in argentina and peru: empanadas.
i love the quote that she wants to make empanadas the way
they are made in "sleepy towns across rural argentina."
authentic comfort food from the chef's childhood.. you know
it will be good! i love food trucks because they can specialize
in just one thing and do it great, which is the case here. 
we also all sampled bini's kitchen, which is known as
"nepalese cuisine from the soul." i've never had 
nepalese food in my life, but i could still tell this food 
is from the soul. it was so so delicious and i will 
definitely be coming back here. we all shared a 
combo plate of nepalese turkey dumplings with 
the kukhura tarkari curry chicken. it was so  
flavorful and we all loved sampling it.
also, bini herself is the cutest person. i've never 
met a food truck owner that i didn't want to be 
friends with. i swear, they are all the coolest 
people! and, they share a love of good food :)
last but not least, i promised you i'd tell you about 
chimney cake, right? well here you are. i had never 
heard about it before last weekend, and now i'm a 
big big fan. it is a traditional hungarian wedding 
cake with the best texture and cylinder shape. the 
outside is sweet and carmelized, but the inside is 
soft and melt-in-your-mouth. it's actually so 
incredibly good and i don't know how they make it. 
keep rolling is the cute name of the truck with this 
goodness. please read this short little description of 
how this truck began and tell me we don't all want to be
friends with her. i told you, i love food truck owners! :) 
so glad vicky experienced it while traveling so she 
could bring it back to us in SF! it is so uniquely delicious
that i can see why she fell in love with them + recreated. 
cinnamon sugar rolled chimney cake for the win!
and, one rolled in oreo with nutella dip.
would you look at that?! i'm in love. 
love all three of these cute faces ^^^
we took a trip around the world this night 
between argentina, nepal, and hungary. 
you have to love food trucks for that! 
still so happy from these visitors .. and from this food!



  1. You followed me on instagram, I followed you back and I am now addicted to your blog. I'm adding you to my blogroll you beautiful lady. This post, by the way, made me suuuper hungry. :)

    | https://www.thearchetypelife.blogspot.ca |

  2. i have never eaten at a food truck - if i come to san fran, you can show me around ;)
    what is a chimney cake?! it looks deeelish.

  3. The chimney cakes are actually called kürtőskalács - I had them when I was in Hungary! They wrap the dough around metal cylinders, coat them in butter, dip them in the toppings, and then cook them over hot coals. Delicious!!!

    1. love that you've had them, and that official name is much better :) yum, they are SO good! maybe i need to get some of those cylinders so i can make them myself haha.

  4. i have serious love for food trucks! so delicious. so much fun. so many things to try.

  5. K I just need to move there, its official.

  6. loved these photos. every piece of food looked amazing


  7. So funny about that Bini's Kitchen, cause in Indonesia, Bini means wife :-)

  8. Oh my goodness this all looks absolutely delicious! I swear you live the dream life!

  9. Oh Gosh! Looks like Foodie Heaven to me!

  10. Super blog.. LOVE food trucks. One day people in Europe will realise that food truck food is not just greasy burgers and chips (frys as you say in the US of A).. I make and sell the ovens which bake Chimney cakes or Kurtoskalacs as they are originally called.. check out www.kurtos-kalacs.com for more info xx


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