Thursday, August 7, 2014

life lately: july

catching up on the many pictures and posts
from this busy summer! here are some
glimpses of our july before we get too
far into august. pardon the many photos!
{all taken on the iphone and edited in vsco}
life lately has consisted of...

training runs along this beauty
{glad that race is over!} 

lots of chinatown strolls {those colors!}

some caltrain rides

lunch dates with a good view (2 good views :)

^^ ice cream truck dates

finding my personal version of dish heaven.
really, i'd take every piece in here.

exploring the darling design shops in the city..
i'd also take every piece in here!

foggy nights with grilled cheese + butternut squash soup

getting extra surprises when i ask my husband
 to pick up some sugar on the way home ...

lots of coziness and cuddles in our living room
during the summer fog here in SF.

new salad the summer
i just want all fresh fruits + veggies..
...........and ice cream and pie.

city sidewalk flower shopping

dreaming of paris in our own city

hitting up the fillmore street jazz festival

soaking up the sunny days
(a few mixed in with the fog!)

trying some new street waffles, yes please.

lotsssss of green smoothies, still my fave!

relaxing in our amazing new place that i am
 in LOVE with. (need to post about it soon!)

chipotle dates...especially after watching
the chipotle documentary! we're big fans.

long runs and our favorite treat as a reward

dreamy buildings

popover making and movie-going at this fancy theatre

shopping and chocolates -- a great combo

bougainvillea distracting me on our many
runs, leaving me way in the dust!

feeling the BURN from the stairs

trying new yummy places with cute names

satisfying our sweet tooth with
new adorable bakeries and shops

new flowers + decorations thanks to caitlin wilson textiles..

acai bowls + froyo aplenty

donuts and errands

so much love for this city

so much love for this guy.
how is this model my HUSBAND?
we were walking to church the other day
and i had to snap a GQ photo of this dapper guy.

getting lots of cute wedding invites in the mail...
september is wedding month this year!

"back-to-school" shopping for both of us,
despite this being the first fall i'm not in school
after K-12, college and grad school! 

baking healthy banana bread muffins
with different toppings so there's
something for everyone.. :)

attempts to work out, mostly just stretching
and yoga. the marathon was enough exercise
for the next month i think..who's with me?!

celebrated utah's 24th of july holiday from california...
luckily i have these perfect necklaces from my old
and new home states from bloomingsales!

new pretty work-out spots
{lyon street steps: have you been?}

finally cooked a homemade meal, can you
tell he was excited after lots of eating out?
{ it's one of our favorite recipes, found here }

a-m-a-z-i-n-g craft store that i found, look at that ceiling!
also -- i'll move into this pink house tomorrow, thanks.

sneak peeking at google's new self-driving cars.
this company, i tell you-- changing the world!

in case you've wondered why you haven't seen
my best friends & parents on here lately, they are
alive and well in johannesburg, south africa loving
their mission and getting to know their new home.
you can see their blog here! i just might have a flight
booked to visit them in the future... :) countdown!

riding some classic cable cars

and, those golden summer sunsets 
that we live for around here...until it 
sets and the temperature drops
20 degrees! :) we loved you, july!



  1. you guys are so cute! seriously though, i want all of those dishes in that shop!

    1. honestly let's go get them all! :)

  2. Beautiful photos!!! I just want to explore San Fran with the both of you - you always find the cutest places!

  3. I love your life it is so cute. and you just casually ran a marathon>!? are you two human ;) Congrats!

    1. haha yes casually as in SLOWLY!

  4. I'm flying to San Fran on Monday and your photos have just made me burst from excitement!

    Meryl x

  5. I watched the same documentary! haha Now I am craving Chipotle. I love when you share moments from your month. My favorite part of the blog. AND we need to see your new place.



    1. you're a sweetheart- that's good to know! i am ALWAYS craving chipotle so.......

      also i will get our new apartment posted soon! can't believe i haven't. maybe we'll have to film our own version of "cribs" hehe

  6. I love/hate your blog. It's so beautiful but makes me so homesick! Texas is so flat and so "stepford" like. I must plan a trip home asap!

    1. haha that is fair. we want to come to austin soon though and visit our friends in houston! i need your tips!

  7. So unbelievably dreamy. I absolutely MUST go to San Francisco. I can't believe I haven't made it there yet! My mom and I had a trip scheduled for April, but it was postponed with everything going on. Can't wait to make it out there with her eventually!

    1. a mother-daughter trip to SF is the best! you have to make it out here sometime! xo

  8. Amazing photos as always! So much to love and take in with all these! We really do need to set up a meet up soon! :)

    1. yes please! we're dying to hear about dublin + euro adventures!

  9. all of these pictures were dreamy! sf really is the greatest. and those buildings are TO DIE FOR. looks like you have had a fun couple of weeks! :)

  10. WOW! July looked like an amazing month for you! Love the pineapple shirt! And that cafe is soooo Parisian!

    1. right?! i walk by it daily when i need a little dose of paris :)

  11. wow! your adventures look so awesome! I need to make more trips up to the city. you've inspired me to get out more! and you and chase are so adorable!

  12. Me and the girls in the ward used to take our stroller bergade to the Lyon street stairs all the time. I'm sure they still do that. All these pictures make me miss my home away from home.

  13. Oh how I love are lucky you get to run there! I'm training for the San Fran Nike Half but it's so flat where I live, I don't know how I'll manage those hills >.< You have a beautiful blog~~

    Pink Wings

  14. All those food pictures just made me so hungry!!

  15. Love all the pictures and definitely makes me want to move to SF after my stint in NYC :) Those foods are just calling my name, especially the acai bowls! I also adore your living room area!

  16. I just found your blog and got consumed by the brightness, happiness and fun of your photos! You two look so great!

  17. OK-This is the best post ever. It captures the essence of why you love SF and how you are making the most of it! I love this. How do you put 2 pictures together? Is it the same app I am using? pictogram?
    This is absolutley amazing. What a month!!

  18. Lovely post, as always.

    White dishes drive me crazy! The good kind of crazy. I already have way more than I need, but I dream of having a butlers pantry some day just full of white dishes and platters and tea cups and pitchers and more. For now, a mixture of Corel and Pottery Barn will have to do...


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