Sunday, August 17, 2014

weekend with the woods

i love visitors, and i was especially
excited for our friends anna & randy
to come visit. they are unlike any other
friends, and we have the BEST times with
them. i lived with anna in washington, DC
right when i was starting to date chase, so she
quickly became one of my closest friends and
we are 100% kindred spirits. then, i lined her
up with our great friend randy back home and...
the rest is history! now two of our favorite people
are married and being with them is >>>>>>>.

a few examples of why they are one of a kind
before i shower you with photos upon photos:

..highlights of the weekend..
1. randy and anna showing up with 6 bags, a COOLER full of food, beach gear, etc. they had just come from newport beach, so it was priceless loading their things up the stairs into our apartment. it felt like they were moving in! (i wish they were)
2. the lamp getting knocked over and falling OUT THE WINDOW of our 2nd story apartment and smashing down onto the alley sidewalk below. (it didn't hit anyone!!) but laughter came out of this the next 3 days and will for years. classic!!!
3. randy and i taking a million pictures while anna and chase rolled their eyes
4. anna & randy walking through chinatown and casually deciding to buy a HUGE vase the size of a person, then having to walk all over with it and carry it inside and up to our apartment.
5. NO waking up before 10:00 AM...strict rule :)
6. ^^ also NO going to bed before 2:00 AM due to our catching up and long chats all night with laughter so hard our stomachs hurt
8. wondering if the restaurant put whiskey into our appetizer popcorn because we were sooo hyper after that meal.
9. a few trips to bob's donuts, adding "a dozen more doughnut holes" to the box because they somehow vanished so quickly!
10. plans every night to watch a movie turning into long chats and youtube videos.
11. randy leaving his backpack in a bike at google and being SOO WORRIED it was stolen. we told him no one would take it at google, but he was stressin! ...priceless when it was RIGHT where he left it. another reason to love the googs!
12. as we were walking along a city street, a lady in a giant truck trying to parallel park into a tiny spot on a steep hill. she looked so distraught that chase knocked on the window and asked if he could park it for her, and she let him! we're thinking of a new city parking start-up now :)
13. randy video taping EVERYTHING and commentating where we were. "here we are in san francisco, there's a cable car, there's emi and anna, say hi!!!" hahah wondering what he would do with all of this footage.
14. randy being so nervous about taking his first uber he's a believer!
15. circling every night in their car trying to find parking for 30 minutes... and both boys getting SO frustrated while anna and i laughed our heads off...very bonding for all 4 of us! :)
16. talking too late each night and having to blow up the loud air mattress in the middle of the night and probably wake up all the neighbors.
17. randy stopping and making chase take a picture in front of the "chase bank"
18. anna refusing to walk up one more hill.
19. sunburned noses from the prettiest weather weekend!
20. randy and anna walking along the street with a map when a homeless man walks up to them and yells DAMN TOURISTS! and walks away :) welcome to san francisco!

now i miss them all over again

after writing that list! you can
see why they are such great
friends and we LOVE when we
are with them. photos below!

^^ they loved our favorite breakfast place in the city,
farm : table. we make every visitor eat here! //
also, since anna is an AMAZING artist i am going
to hire her to paint every san francisco scene for me 
like this pretty harbor one above. she's a talent!

^^ first night late run to bob's donuts, //
and our favorite guests in our living room..
our new aerobed literally fits like a puzzle
piece in there perfectly. i think they should stay!

^^ twin peaks view, always a must for visitors

^^ and randy's photography skills

^^ so happy to be reunited with this girl
(ps that was the popcorn in question from #8! :)

^^ nighttime walks through the 
city for the best views

^^ pizza dinner at tony's, SO GOOD.

^^ and of course, the google fun.
^^ had to get a picture here
because of our LOVE for
froyo...especially when we
lived in DC and got it nightly!
^^ g-biking!
^^ worlds colliding introducing anna to kendall.
utah besties and california besties = happy me!
^^ we are all so so obsessed with seals.
i really would take one home as a pet. 
^^ second bob's donuts run...
it's too close to our apartment!
^^ the "chase at chase bank" photo i mentioned in 
above in #17. randy keeps us laughing!
^^ haha, my favorite picture. 
they thought they were so clever!
^^ could they BE any cuter!
so much love for these two.
^^ one more bob's donuts stop
for the road, and thumbs down
to them leaving. sad goodbye!
 of course they are the CUTEST friends
and left the most perfect present.
there is something about friends from home. 
people who know you best, who've known
you in different stages, who you have so many
memories with. creating new ones with them is
priceless. we love these two and are so proud of
them for graduating law school and grad school in
DC and now about to start big time jobs in SLC!
we're sad they don't live here, but at least they're
closer than the east coast now :) we LOVE you 
woods! come back again soon!



  1. This is such a darling post. Now it was my turn to be a little jealous. I wish it was me visiting you. Lucky it won't be too awfully long. Such fun stuff you did and I love the hilarious list. Your lamp falling out of the window sounds very comical!

    1. wish you were here to visit next!! :) can't wait to be the one visiting YOU.

  2. You are absolutely the greatest host in the history of hosts. They also seem like they might be the greatest guests in the history of guests. That T. Hanks card? Amazing.

    1. haha you are the cutest commenter in the history of commenters. the t.hanks card is TOO good to be true, he is my FAVORITE so i was dying! they are the best :)

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend and you guys got so much sightseeing done!! How sweet of them to leave a present for you as well!

    1. i know, they are the sweetest. it's your turn to come to SF next! :)

  4. oh my gosh that food looks amazing. i need to stay with you, you're such a great host!

  5. Where did you get that golden gate bridge plate in your first picture? You really are the most darling host!

    1. hi! i got it at anthropologie...they have an eiffel tower one too!

  6. Visits from best friends are, well, the BEST!


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