Saturday, August 30, 2014

life lately: august

this month of august flew right on by!
we're in boston / cape cod/ nantucket
this weekend welcoming in september for
a lovely labor day weekend, and i have lots
 to share from our time here.. but first i want 
to remember snippets of our past month!

our august has been filled with...
peaches. lots and lots of peaches.

bakery dates 

glowing golden nights in the east bay

going to the best place to be.

cable car love

still can't stay away from this place

i told you there were lots of peaches. . .

a new obsession: turkey-pesto-swiss
{actually, an old obsession that i recently remembered} 

pretty summer veggies.

always on the hunt for the best views..

and on the hunt for the perfect pluot.
{plum - apricot hybrids, our favorite}

in love with the famous fairmont hotel 
on our street. we're trying to think of 
an excuse to stay here sometime..

sent off this little princess package for
maddie mae's 3rd birthday. being an auntie
is the best, but sad to miss her party today!

this happened..

^^ sent off the cutest, tiniest SF onesie
and chocolates to my bff's new baby
boy. congrats di, ted, and rocky!
ps..this new flavor of ghirardelli is a new FAVE.
pps. i may have been tempted to buy another one
of these onesies for years in the future, i adore it!!

..acai bowls to go..

visitors, please keep on coming!

lobster ravioli turned out to be chase's favorite..
and got us ready for our new england trip :) 

bright days spent on the water

the always glowing lombard street... 
it intersects with our street and i
 find any excuse to pass by it and
take a little french dip sandwich.

panini picnic at the park by grace cathedral

no other architecture like the buildings
in san francisco...also, that blue color!

outdoor movie night in union square
was one of the best parts of the month. 

with joe & becca...roomie party!

chipotle and popcorn for our 
union square movie night!

 the classic SF movie "bullit" was showing..
the car chase scene through the city hills
was the best part, everyone cheered after!

i need to hang out at
the yacht club more often! 

perks of working at the same place- cute
notes at my desk. we may work buildings
apart at the big google headquarters, but 
that makes it fun to surprise each other.

also stopped by my hubby's desk at
work and saw this background..sweetest!

sunday bike rides to dolores park
after's the place to be.
and, that view!!! 

riding with roomies 

bike riding past pretty city hall 

 dear CREAM, thank you for 
coming to san francisco! yummiest.

lunch dates + finding love notes
in the bottom of my bags

beach days on the boardwalk

snackin' on the way to work. 
almonds & pluots, could live off both!

one more here because we love this place

one day i want my car to match my 
apartment building // also, tacos are always 
best when they come from food trucks.

a perfect blue building // our new favorite walk

cutest surprise from chase's mom, 
just because! // and the sparkly city at night.

walking to meet this guy after work and
spotting him from afar coming up the hill

nights at the top of the mark

this friend coming to town and 
doing lunch and a tour of google!

cozy nights in with grilled cheese 
+ butternut squash soup and cinnamon 
sugar popovers. love those foggy nights!

salted caramel macarons + city sidewalks

^^ family google hangouts with all of us 
on at once..we love the special effects as 
you can tell by my dad's cat face! :)

speaking of family, i can't get over
this amazing picture of my mom in 
south africa. it looks good on her!

and...we survived our first SF earthquake
this month! i woke up at 3:30 in the
morning to our bed + building shaking
and grabbed chase and said "this is an 
earthquake!!!!!" it shook for 10 more 
seconds then stopped, and twitter + the
news quickly confirmed it was one!
glad everyone is okay, but scary!

i am somehow married to this stunner.
count my lucky stars on the daily!
{ps love his GQ look while riding a razor scooter}

we loved you august, but we're 
happy to see september!
can't wait for our indian 
summer to begin in the city.



  1. Love chases U on his work desk ;) you guys are always doing something fun! Enjoy the east coast!

  2. I can't wait for your New England recap! Love the cape !! Swoon!

  3. You take the bestest pictures!! You are making me want to visit San Fran stat!

  4. What a fantastic (and delicious) looking month! I'm very much looking forward to hearing about your New England trip!

  5. I can actually attest to the fact that the food was delicious because, unlike other hosts who I hear never get to eat a bite, there was a staff member by my side every so often kindly reminding me to eat!
    San Francisco venues

  6. aw congrats on being an auntie again, how fabulous. cant wait for the new england recap, i was just there! you make me want to visit san fran so much more!

    1. ahh where in new england were you?
      i'm glad i make you want to visit SF :) :) you should!!

  7. Love that fuchsia dress- and what a great month! That princess package just may be the cutest thing ever!


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