Friday, August 29, 2014

you know you live in san francisco when...'s clear you live in san francisco when..
  • you hear the word tenderloin and you don't think think danger. 
  • you get lots of visitors {and acquaintances in need of a place to stay!}
  • you make a good salary but live in an apartment the size of a closet.
  • you hear about rent prices in other cities and can't BELIEVE the bargain.
  • the thought of parking gives you anxiety.
  • you have hundreds of apps on your phone because there is an app for everything here!
  • you always ask which neighborhood people live in within the city -- it says a lot about them :)
  • you can successfully navigate the one way streets, bus lanes, trolley lanes, and bike lanes without breaking a sweat.
  • rainbow flags are more common than california state flags or american flags.
  • you can easily spot tourists in the summer by the fact that they are wearing shorts and a tank top...or a newly purchased fisherman's wharf sweatshirt once they realize it's our foggy season.
  • you never say "frisco."
  • you're never bored, there's truly always something going on.
  • you know all of the secret free 4 hour parking spots.
  • you have become a master at layering your clothing.
  • you don't know what it's like for it not to be windy.
  • parallel parking is second nature...even on a hill.
  • you know to skip the line at bi-rite and go down the street to the market for the same exact ice cream with no line.
  • you're not phased when you pass by opera singers / bagpipers / tap dancers in the middle of the busy street.
  • you always always always bring a jacket.
  • you automatically turn your wheels to the curb every time you park.
  • an amazing parking spot can move you to tears.
  • you could eat out every night somewhere new and never get tired of it.
  • a person walks by with no pants on, and you don't notice.
  • every time you drive under an underpass you think, "earthquake".
  • you never go to fisherman's wharf.
  • you see almost as many dogs as people -- SF is very dog friendly :)
  • you're not phased when it gets cold at 4:00 PM.
  • you eat at mama's only at 2:30 PM right before closing when the line is gone.
  • you take uber at least weekly, and bart not very often.
  • your calf muscles are amazing from running/walking all the hills.
  • you wear lululemon/work out clothes out to dinner and so does everyone else.
  • you never got scared by the bush man, but loved watching others jump out of their skin. (RIP bush man!)
  • you overhear conversations about new startups or companies and realize you're in the heart of it all!
  • you know all the best views.
  • working for a tech company is the norm instead of the exception.
  • you're very used to seeing people in costumes any time of year.
  • you take strange routes when walking just to avoid the hills.
  • you meet someone who owns a house and automatically know they've made it in life :)
  • you NEVER eat chinese food in chinatown...except for egg custard tarts + boba smoothies 
  • you know the few actual authentic italian places in little italy and skip the rest.
  • you laugh at the 3 hour wait for the powell st. cable car when there's zero wait a few streets up.
  • you've survived an earthquake (as of last sunday morning at 3 am!)
  • the golden gate bridge still never gets old.
^^ just a little taste of the fun parking rules...
they need 3 whole signs to show all the info! :)
this city has our hearts {clearly}
and i just had to post this little
collection of observations from
living in this city by the bay
since this month we hit 2 years
of living out here! we love you SF!
"you will never be completely at home again, 
because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. 
that is the price you pay for the richness of knowing 
and loving people in more than one place."



  1. I love this list! Makes me want to visit San Francisco ASAP!

  2. You should do a A guide to San Francisco: what to wear in all seasons post.

    1. haha love that idea! basically : LAYERS!

  3. As a local of the bay area for 20+ years, I enjoyed this list very much, however, I must mention we do not say "the" bart. Simply BART. Annnd I've also had some pretty amazing dim sum in Chinatown. Opinions differ, but just saying! However, the love of the city is undeniable :)

    1. haha that is good to know! BART it is. and AHH tell us where to go in chinatown for dim sum!! we've had some bad experiences :) but to be fair we do love the custard egg tarts and boba smoothies! just no dinner spots so far.

  4. hahaha love this. i dont say frisco, who does that?!

  5. Haha !! So funny ! I live in the Bay Area, not San Francisco though, but sounds so true :)

  6. Love this list! So true on so many aspects!

  7. Clearly catching up on my blog post reads! I was in Canada for 5 weeks. As a newbie in the Bay Area I'm interested in hearing about these secret four HOUR parking spots!!

    Had no idea the tenderloin(?) area of SF was scary/bad! Good to know.

    Love Little Italy - only went once, since I haven't eaten in SF often. Care to share some good eating areas there?

    1. ahh how was canada??
      in little italy: TONY'S PIZZA!!

  8. So funny how many of these I have figured out in just a few short months of living in the area. I think the funniest is how particular everyone is about what you call things. It's always SF or "the city" nothing else.

  9. Hate parking in SF! I got towed at the beginning of Sep when I was up there. $600! I'm writing a blog post about it. It would probably be helpful if you have a guide to San Francisco to include a link to SFMTA's site so people won't make the costly mistake I did. I just had no idea and I've lived in NYC!

    1. ahh yes i will add more detail! hate when visitors get tickets or towed :( never makes for a fun vacation!


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