Friday, August 8, 2014

off the grid favorites: part IV

it's friday, which means it's 
OFF THE GRID at fort mason!
in honor of this, (and in case you're going too..) 
here's another installment of some good 
food trucks that you cannot miss.
pretty night at the last off
the those lights!
this time we finally braved the very
long line at señor sisig. it is a long line,
but very very worth it. this food truck
has some of the best flavor coming out
of it. wow, wow. come hungry!!
the sisig tacos with cilantro cream sauce...
these are the tastiest menu item and
perfect if you're wanting something lighter.
however- if you're hungry and going for
the big leagues, you get the california
sisig burrito. it has FRIES in it. and
avocado. and sour cream. and shredded
cheese. and amazing pork. and pico de gallo.
just dream about that. it's heavenly. 
we tried the "señor" sisig burrito too,
delicious.. but if you're choosing one,
go for the california sisig. can't be beat!
don't worry, we never forget dessert!
here are two of our favorite treats for
after a great california sisig burrito:
mahalo bowl acai bowls, {get the shaka bowl}
and waffle roost liege waffles. love both!
big fans of this place!
fun to meet up with cute friends,
picnic on the lawn, and take in this
gorgeous view after. yet another 
successful night at off the grid!



  1. The California Sisig Burrito just ruined my life. Those are all my favorite things rolled into an burrito.

  2. OMG! That sisig burrito looks soooo good!!!!!

  3. My husband and I had dinner here last night, I loved it !

  4. You make me so hungry! Love this post and love you both!!


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