Tuesday, August 5, 2014

tuesday ten: summer favorites and a GIVEAWAY!

here's a little list of my summer favorites,
and a GIVEAWAY to start it off!

1. first things first: do you love this ring 
as much as i do? i wear it every day.. and if 
you want to enter to win it, head over to my
instagram to enter! it's easy and worth it :)
you just tag 3 friends in 2 photos:

2. addicted to this candle! i light it 
every night before bed. and, peonies 
in our place = happiness.

3. calling all visitors! our new aerobed
fits perfectly in our living room, and
our first friends to use it last week said
it was better than their own bed! we 
got this one and it's been perfect for
city visitors and upcoming camping trips.

4. i hope you use this unroll.me service
if you're anything like me. it has changed 
my life, mean it! it combines all of your
recurring emails into one email all
rolled up, daily. it has saved my inbox!

5. picked up these happy notes at anthro
because...how could i not? also, these
rip van wafels are the best. i love these
in amsterdam, and now you can buy them
all packaged up! our favorite little treat.

6. new swimsuit need // also, really
loving these new graze boxes
that you can order online and have
delivered. healthy, tasty treats + snacks
that show up on your doorstep..mmm!

7. came across this packing list 
at j.crew, i just might need to pick 
it up for our next trip!

8. i picked up some new moving comforts 
items and LOVED them while training for 
my marathon. i noticed a MAJOR comfort 
difference with them! // also in love with the 
color of my new post-marathon running shoes, 
all clean and bright and my favorite color!

9. my view on my morning walk on the 
way to work is heavenly // and i need
this mini globe asap for my new desk!

10. this lip balm in sweet mint is
by far my favorite, i've been using it 
all summer long and it's bueno.

tell me some of your favorite
summer items! also, remember


  1. It looks like you've had a lot of favorite things this summer! That swimsuit is too cute. I'll have to give that flavor of EOS lip balm a try!

    1. you'll love the lip balm -- sweet mint is by far the best! ps don't forget to enter the giveaway! xo

  2. Unroll me sounds really great!! I'm going to sign up for that!! Ditto on the EOS lip balm...sounds good!

  3. Just signed up for unroll me...it looks life changing!!

    1. not exaggerating, it really is! so so nice- you'll love it.

  4. I have never heard of that Unroll.me service, but that is genius! I also desperately want a two-person blowup bed for camping, weekend trips, and visitors!

  5. That EOS lip balm is the bomb.com! And that ring is stunning.

    1. right? i can't believe for less than $3 your lips can feel like heaven :)
      glad you like the ring, make sure to enter to win it!

    2. right? i can't believe for less than $3 your lips can feel like heaven :)
      glad you like the ring, make sure to enter to win it!

  6. what a gorgeous ring! unroll me sounds brilliant. how gorgeous is that swimsuit?!

    1. i'm glad you like it! it's even prettier in person :) so go enter!
      and GET unroll me, you won't regret it! xoxoxo

  7. Cute update! I LOVE that ring and want to win it! Now following on Insta. <3

  8. Emi, I love those running shoes! Can you link me to them please?


    1. you bet! even on sale now, lucky duck!

    2. Thanks so much!! Just ordered them :)

  9. that mint flavor really is the best!!

  10. Oh my gosh that candle is my absolute favorite! I have been using it for over 3 years. (I've bought many of them in that time).


  11. love all of those things and now I need them all :)

  12. The sweet mint EOS is my favorite... I swear, my lips tingle when I put it on (and it's not an allergic reaction, ha!) - it's just that good!!


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