Tuesday, August 12, 2014

southern food is the way to my husband's heart

with my southern boy who lived in
alabama, i have to make sure to
track down the best barbecue joints
to try out once in a while. i ran past
this place during the SF marathon
right on haight street, and knew
we had to come back for a good meal
after we knocked the race out :)
it was the best reward for us...and
especially chase! it's the oldest bbq
joint in the city, and the owner went
all through the south researching and
sampling before starting this place.
because of that, there are t-shirts
from classic southern barbecue places
all over the walls that he visited...
including dreamland, chase's favorite!
we're glad we have a taste of it here in SF.
love that bright red brick
^^ checking out that bbq wall
did i hear him say "y'all" a few times
during this date night? maybe... :)
my favorite part of a southern
barbecue meal === the sides.
sweet potatoes + mac & cheese
especially. also, i never like
coleslaw but this one is made
with a vinegar dressing instead
of mayo so it was much better :) 
a table full of good eatin'!
after our "swine dining" it was 
time for dessert..my other favorite
part of southern food. the way to
this boy's heart is through homemade
banana puddin' with nilla wafers...
the way to mine is sweet potato pie!
we got home with our leftovers and
found that the owner had snuck in
a piece of pecan pie for us to-go...
since we were too full but told
him how much chase loves it!
what a guy :)
date night success.

now we need to plan a time
to get back and visit the south!



  1. According to my Tennessean boyfriend, there is nothing like southern barbeque. I argue with him about that, but he's right. I absolutely hate bananas, but his favorite dessert is banana pudding and vanilla wafers, too.

    1. you hate bananas?!!?! nana pudding is the BEST. especially at magnolia bakery NYC. no way could you ever hate that! :)

  2. What a fun looking place! Yay for date nights! :)

    1. next one needs to be a meet up with you two!

  3. Wow, this is some place I'd totally have to check out! I'm VERY picky about my BBQ (Carolina style, thanks!) and coleslaw (Vinegar is the way to be!), but I'd bet I could get along just fine here! Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh my gosh, drooling. i love southern food, my husband hates it, and he's the bloody southern one! well, KY is southern, right?

    1. what?! he needs a lesson. us three will do an intervention and take him to this place :)

  5. NOTHING like southern food. I'm allll about bbq and mac&cheese. and BISCUITS. can't.get.enough.biscuits.

  6. My hubby would love that too! He loves BBQ, me not so much! I'm loving y'all getting to ride your bikes to dinner, looks like such fun! We live out on a farm and it's a situation to go anywhere!



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