Saturday, November 1, 2014


happy halloween everyone! 
it's always a fun holiday, and this year we felt a little lazy
and rushed thinking of a costume since this is the only 
weekend we're in town for a while. luckily we pulled together
this google maps costume, ^^ and had a fun night with some
favorite friends. we couldn't resist this costume this year
while we both work at googs :) here are a few pictures -- in
disbelief that now it's november! when did that happen?!
^^ costume prepping late the night before ...
i had to include all my favorite SF streets!
^^ transferred to our grey shirts...
^^ and so happy i got it on without bending / ripping
 anything! i also lived off smarties and sugar all day long.
the giants world series parade was the morning of 
halloween, so it was a perfect start to walk by it
on the way to catch the work shuttle. it was a rainy
morning, but felt like halloween with this celebration!
^^ then lots of fun decorations + festivities at work...
^^ and a fun little get-together with cute friends -
and our favorite pup dressed as a froggie :)
we also stopped by our friends house in the cutest
neighborhood and i think chase was a little too
excited about handing the halloween candy out! :)
he loved those trick or treaters & interviewed each one
(it wasn't even our house and he took over, haha)
kendall and i made these yummy cookies
and capped off the night playing some late night
hilarious catch phrase with these peeps.
^^ and the orange city hall lit up for halloween
happy halloween!



  1. The dining area is on the main floor and there is a staircase to an open bar upstairs with several high tops scattered about for the event.
    Seattle Wedding venues

  2. absolutely THE cutest My favorite costumes I've seen!! :)

  3. Y'all look awesome!! What a creative idea!

  4. LOVE IT!
    way to represent Google!!!

  5. Haha love the outfit choice! I love costumes that are a bit different and unique to the usual options xx


  6. Such perfect costumes for you two. Those cookies look divine and I don't blame Chase for getting excited by the trick-or-treaters! They don't come to our neighborhood, so I would be THRILLED if I got to pass out candy!

  7. So creative! Love the costume!

  8. STOP. the google maps costume is too cute, i love that idea!! also - i may email you in the next few months to ask a few questions! we just found out that my husband is going to be working for citi this summer & we are moving to the bay! i want to chat apartments/san fran with you!

  9. I love your Halloween costumes. The cookies look yummy and the Giants celebration is unreal!


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