Saturday, November 1, 2014

toronto restaurant review: PAI thai

if it's not obvious, we are lovers of thai food.
toronto has an incredible asian influence with some of
the best food to prove it, so after our first night having
out-of-this-world chinese food, we knew we had to
try a thai place in this city. i think we discovered 
toronto's best-kept secret in PAI thai. wow ... 
i am still speechless from this meal!
i love this restaurant because 
a) it is right in downtown toronto in a great location. 
b) you have to walk down steps into it, giving it the coolest underground vibe.
c) it is owned by a darling couple with the best story (see the picture board of it below).
d) i want to be best friends with the entire cute staff.
e) it is "northern thai," so it is very authentic and better than any typical thai you typically find in america.
f) that pad thai.......
g) perfect, not-too-sweet sticky rice
f) one of my favorite memories of a night out with my hubby after an AMAZING day in niagara falls. we were so hungry and nothing has ever hit the spot so well!
.....i could go on and on but instead let's go for the mouthwatering pictures:
^^ see how you walk down into this amazing 
space, but it still has a great, open vibe? 
we went with the fresh mango shake (favorite fruit)
 & the papaya salad to start - both good calls.

and chicken curry served IN a coconut ^^
now i can never have it in a bowl again! :)

and now to one of our favorite meals ever --- pad thai.
we have a borderline obsession with this dish
and try new places all the time to find our favorite.
this one knocked our SOCKS off. it will a little
different with the northern thai influence, and that
made it so so good. with each bite we were both
raving about it. the sauce is perfected and everything
is done just right. i wish they were in san francisco!!

the mango sticky rice was also perfected. this classic
thai dessert is always good, but sometimes a bit overly 
sweet. it was juuust right here...favorite ever!

and here was my favorite part of the place -- the darling
story of the owner jeff and his cute wife. they make a
great team and moved from thailand to open restaurants
and bring their amazing food to the lucky people in toronto.
this polaroid wall tells their entire story and gives a
personal feel which makes you love this place even more.

if you find yourself in toronto, add this place to your 
list! i can't wait to come back here one day.



  1. "The Well Traveled Wife" has been included in our A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that we hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  2. This is not my hood and I'd have never come here had it not been because of the wedding I assisted last weekend. Wish I had more time to savor it.
    vow renewal

  3. Wow, I am pleasantly surprised that there's a Northern Thai style restaurant in Northern America!! The food looks incredible, I wish I could dive right into the photos.
    I would love to try this and see how it is. I am solo picky about Thai food since I am half-Thai :)

    1. oh my goodness you have the right to be!! i'm willing to bet you would have approved here -- it was on another level :)
      now i NEED to know your favorite thai in SF??!?!

  4. Haha ooh, it is definitely Ler Ros! Have you tried it?? Their pad thai was one of the best I have had in the US so far, and their portions are just huge! I really like Osha Thai too; their Thai fusion style is delicious and really fun.
    I am still testing out places so I will let you know if anywhere else comes close to being authentic :)


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