Friday, November 28, 2014

life lately: november

november was a blur. between a beach weekend with
friends, to siblings coming to town for a visit, to the ute
game at stanford, to leaving to india for 10 days, we
packed it in this month! i am currently typing this
from india in new delhi as we get ready to go to the
airport in a few hours -- it's one of the first times
we've had solid wifi and before i share loads from
this once in a lifetime trip, i wanted to share some 
snippets of november between all the craziness.
i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, and 
sending love from india! craziest but best trip
that i can't wait to share more of! for now:
^^ this month we celebrated 3 years since getting engaged
proof that i'm a sucker for celebrating the little things:
i got chase this watch thinking i'd probably wait until
christmas, but we woke up that morning and i had to give 
it to him. couldn't wait! i told him "time has flown" since
he asked me to marry him, so now he has a new watch to
keep track of it. :) he pulled off the perfect proposal that day,
 so i think a watch was the least i could do for him to 
celebrate the day he flew to san francisco to surprise me on 
a sailboat under the golden gate bridge with sparkly ring.  
^^ the weather in SF finally decided to cool down a bit in
november, so we've been having lots of honey-lemon teas
at night before bed. we use the BEST raw, creamy honey 
from my parents and it's our nightly ritual. // also having
lots of berries since we are still in california and they
never seem to go out of season, another perk of CA!
^^ visited a new google office & loved this sign.
good seafood by the beach at splash cafe in SLO ^^
^^ we rekindled our love for nick's crispy tacos
this month, and now i'm worried i'll be back
every tuesday night. best EVER tacos.
^^ we loved seeing some of our best friends in the world
when di & ted came to visit, and finally meeting baby rocky!
 yay for ute games and yay for seeing bffs. ^^
^^ we also got to see our cute sis-in-law rach who came
to the city for a girls trip but made time for us! love her! 
 ^^ finally cooked for the first time in a while because i
was craving curry...funny timing right before india,
because now i don't think i'll be having it for a while - ha
(they make it a touch more spicy here ;)
^^ look what's up at fisherman's wharf ... !!!!
the union square tree is also up, with all the 
red bows + wreaths in the windows of macy's
so i think it's time to admit christmas is coming!
^^ rainy hot chocolate days + gourmet 
ice cream cookie sandwiches 
make for one very happy girl. 
 a bowling work...on our lunch break...normal ^^  
^^ ha, there is too much irony in that sign! //
also, my photos were used in an ad for porcupine grill ^^
-- one of my favorite restaurants! i'm no photographer, 
so i was excited about this! i'll take a bow now :)
breakfast with a view, and the best g-chats from
my sweet husband. he's a good one! ^^
 ^^ a special night with my brother + sis-in-law 
in town at mozzeria, SF's deaf restaurant
loved it and can't wait to go back!
^^ am i the only one who stares at these and plans
my next trip in my head when i read all the places?

and finally..since it's clear christmas is coming 
{despite warm california and hot india...} i guess i 
better get in the mode. this 2015 wall calendar made me
excited for the new year and put me in the gift mode
...and christmas wish-list making mode (hint husband!)

on to december in a few days .. how is that possible!

talk to you on the other side of 24 hours of flying!


  1. Hope you have an amazing trip!!! Love all your posts

  2. Why can't we all bowl at work during lunch breaks? Life would be infinitely better that way, don't you agree? Can't wait to hear about your trip to India!


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