Friday, November 21, 2014

walt disney museum

happy friday! and how can it not be, when you're about
to see a museum all about the life of walt disney?!
we've been meaning to check out san francisco's walt 
disney museum since moving here, and last weekend's
visitors gave us a reason to. my brother jeff just finished
reading a biography of walt, and with saving mr. banks
coming out this last year, we all felt a little more interested
in the man behind the magic. walt's daughter has done
an amazing job with this museum, and it's well worth
the entry fee to go wander around all things disney for
a few hours. *note: it actually isn't the best museum for
kids, as it's less interactive and more informative...
but it's amazing for adults and disney lovers!
i love the location, it's so unexpected right in the
presidio with a great view of the golden gate.
^^ the entry cost is $20 which might seem steep, but it is 
one of the most well done museums and well worth it.

^^ upstairs in the entry you can see the many awards and
accolades walt received in his life...including lots of 
academy awards for disney movies. pretty amazing
to see everything in one place and realize he was
responsible for so many great productions!

^^ that unique oscar award in the middle bottom 
was specially made for snow white & the 7 dwarfs, 
disney's first feature production and the first animation 
to win an oscar. now i need to go watch it again!

early animations ^^

and welcome to hollywood! the museum truly goes 
through walt's life as if you're walking through it.

it's crazy to think of walt arriving in hollywood with
$40 to his name. good thing he had enthusiasm! ^^

i loved seeing all of his first animation ideas ^^

AND, the first ever sketchings of mickey mouse. ^^
what??? i love it. walt came up with the character 
and almost named it "mortimer mouse" before
realizing mickey was much better, thank goodness! :)

mickey used to look a little bit different! ^^

^^ little did walt know that mickey would still be a 
household name today...and that minnie would come along!

^^ love these cute original dwarfs. we read all
 about how disney came up with the names and
ideas for them, and then found the right voices to
match all of them for the movie. they're so cute!

^^ i was blown away seeing the level of detail
the animators had to use when creating characters.
once the company grew and multiple animators were
working on movies, they had to write detailed notes 
for exactly how characters moved and looked in every
instance. it was so fascinating to watch examples of this.

early sketchings of jiminy cricket.
how do these not make you smile?!

jeff and chase both LOVED every single detail
 of this museum and couldn't miss one part. ^^ 

^^ and, that view!!

^^ and that view! :)

^^ the end of the museum is all about disneyland
and how it was created. these TVs were showing
footage from disneyland's opening day. can you imagine?

^^ walt in front of the castle while it was under
construction -- such fun pictures to see! 
how did he imagine this magical world?
^^ and here is the model they made for the 
original disneyland plans. chase LOVES d-land 
so we had to spend some time here while he 
pointed out all his favorite parts of the park :)
cheers to a great tribute to a man who truly
spread magic. it's hard not to like him, and
hard not to like this museum experience!



  1. ahh! this museum is right up my alley, how fun! i had no idea it existed... next time i go to s.f. i definitely am making my husband take me there :)

  2. So fun! my husband didn't grow up on Disney, so he'd probably take some talking into to get him there someday haha But I would love it!!

  3. Ahh! I would love to visit!! So amazing. Walt truly changed the world.

  4. This is sooo neat! I am a Disney fanatic and would love to visit this museum!

  5. So awesome! I could probably spend hours in there. I can't get over how much things have changed, but the original ideas still remain.

  6. I am still shocked that Brady met him!


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