Tuesday, November 18, 2014

jeff & whit visit SF!

 when you live away, you love nothing more than visitors!
we were so excited to finally get my brother jeff & sis-in-law
whit out here to visit. from surprising them at the airport,
to introducing them to uber, to running around the city, to
showing them google, to eating well, to seeing the disney
museum, to going to the utah game at stanford, (we won!!)
it was quite the weekend. we loved this dose of family and
hope they come back again soon! they deserved this trip!!

^^ we surprised them at the airport after their flight was really delayed and
they thought they were taking BART to our apartment...no sir! loved seeing
their cute faces come around the corner...and loved seeing them in our place!
^^ breakfast with a view the first morning! jeff is the most disciplined guy, so we had to
work out first thing each morning and then we could get to the good stuff -- food!
we're always so excited for siblings to visit since we live away! brady & mindy
visited last fall, and we're so glad jeff and whit came this fall. we need
to get all of our siblings out here while we still live in SF! (hint, hint!) 
^^ getting the classic boudin soup + sourdough bread bowls

^^ we walked SO much! all the way along the embarcadero, through union square,
chinatown, along the water, and to the wharf...where the christmas tree is up!!!

we ate at our favorite breakfast, although they did forget our order this time and
it took a little longer...luckily we chatted and made new friends while we waited!

we also had to get a picture by the union square tree ^^

^^ we did nick's crispy tacos after the ute game. such a fun night and best food!

^^ let's not forget a late night stop at bob's for some fresh raised ones!!!
(haha, love this picture of whit- do you think she liked it? :)

^^ cookie ice cream sandwiches at cream. warning-- if you visit us, you'll eat a LOT! :)

we finally did the walt disney museum because jeff loves him and just read a book 
on him -- we loved the excuse to finally go! {more pictures from that to come}. ^^
 i think one of the biggest highlights {other than the U game} was this memorable
dinner at the most unique restaurant we had been waiting to take jeff & whit to.

it is an all-deaf restaurant, which i'll explain in another post....but since jeff & whit's
little zach was born with hearing loss, it was a favorite. loved this night and i can't
wait to post more about the story behind this place + our experience here.
^^ and the palace of fine arts after church on their last day in town.

we love you jeff & whit! thanks for making it so fun to 

show you our little life out here in sf.



  1. the palace of fine arts is where i got engaged :)

    1. WHAT! that is amazing. one of my favorite spots in the city.
      we got engaged just right there on the bay on a boat! it's a good city for proposals :)

  2. Wow! I can't wait to hear more about that restaurant! And let's just talk about those bread bowls for a sec! MMmmmm!

    1. haha my kind of girl -- all about those bread bowls!

  3. Every single time you post things around your city, I fall even more in love with it. Must visit soon. I'm really interested to hear about the Walt Disney Museum and the all-deaf restaurant!

    1. i fall in love with it more every day too!! i know, i'm excited to share both because they were amazing things we had never done!

  4. someday jae and i are going to make it out there and you guys are going to have to take us to the best places (and by places, i mean food places..) ;)

  5. It makes me want to come back to SF RIGHT NOW and stay for like 2 weeks just to do all the things we missed out on!

  6. I love all your trips and that certainly sounds like the perfect weekend! Lots of family and good food! My sister and I went to the Disney museum about four years ago and just adored it!

  7. Love when family visits! It gives us an excuse to do all the touristy stuff we normally don't have time to do. You don't even want to know how often we go to Cream. It is a straight up addiction. Also that restaurant reminds me of Opaque. Our friends just went. It is totally pitch black and all the staff are Blind. Glad you guys had a great time with family!

  8. You showed them the best time. I loved seeing all the food you ate, that Jeff would not consume. Glad Whit likes treats!


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