Wednesday, November 19, 2014

what's in my suitcase + white plum GIVEAWAY! {closed- winner announced}

with some big trips coming up and the
holidays approaching, i thought it was high
time for a "what's in my suitcase" post 
with some recent favorites...+ a giveaway!
my suitcase is filled with comfortable clothes and
items that make travel easier. here are just a few
favorites as of late, starting with my favorite new
shirt from white plum, a darling & reasonable 
online shop. i've loved finding darling items here
since discovering it last summer. white plum is 
based in california's central valley, so only about
an hour from SF! they ship all over and the
clothes {along with the low prices} are great.
they always push me a little out of my comfort 
zone while still feeling classic and chic. i promise
i always get compliments on my clothes from here.
this post has some favorite new items from white plum
and others, along with a giveaway and discount code 
just below! enter away to win $50 to white plum!
this friend or faux leather top caught my eye
right away on the website, and i like it even more
in person! i wore it here and got so many questions
about it while wearing it in the city. it's just different
enough to be unique to my wardrobe, but comfortable.
i love it and you can use your credit towards this or
anything on if you win! enter here
and see some other favorite items below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
^^ enter here, and use discount code
WELLTRAVELED20 to get 20% off 
the entire site. this code will be valid 
from today, 11/19 until 11/26. 

i also love these high sierra leggings, from white plum,
so wintery! i plan to wear them pretty much all of 
christmas break and all through the winter :)

^^ another item in my suitcase actually goes along
 with my suitcase, and it's my new jototes camera bag.
i loved this siena model after seeing my friend with it,
and now i have a perfect shoulder bag to hold my camera
and other essentials while traveling or in the city!

^^ hoodie pillow was a must-have after hearing about
it from shark tank and some travel outlets. we
are so excited to use these on our long flights to
india this week, and on future travels! it's an inflatable
neck pillow with a hood so that it's warm, comfy, &
private. i will report back on how we do with them!

as we get into the colder months,
every good suitcase needs a good umbrella. i
fell for this clear bubble umbrella at urban outfitters.
it might not be the most practical, but it sure is cute!
i do have a smaller one i can pack when i need to save space.

i absolutely love these zara terez cable knit leggings.
they are the best material, perfect for a comfy
travel day. they have lots of fun patterns!

i am so excited to get my picture bracelets in the mail 
from pickture that! i don't usually bring much jewelry 
when traveling, butthey will always be in my suitcase 
for every trip because it's a way to carry those i love 
with me on travels! i love these photo bracelets and 
i will share more about them when i get mine! ^^

can you tell i've really tried to prepare for
our long flights to india and then my flight
to south africa coming up? on top of the 
hoodie pillows, i also got both of us a
relax ally headband-- it's like a sleep mask
with a band to put around the airplane seat
so that your head stays up and comfortable
instead of drooping down and hurting your neck!
i'll also post more about these after our flights.

and one of the best purchases i've made this season
is this uniqlo ultra light down long coat. ^^ it is a
stylish, warm coat that is light enough to roll
up and not take too much room in your luggage.
i wore it all through canada and it was perfect.

there's a little peek into my suitcase,
now i hope you fill yours with new
clothes when you enter to win $50!



  1. Just spent far too much time browsing White Plum's site, thanks for sharing loving their clothes!

    1. haha good! glad you like it and hope you entered so it will be even more fun to browse their site! :) xo

  2. Ooh can't wait to hear how the hoodie and headband work out. That could be a life saver on our 15+ hour flights home.

    1. i know!! i'll post about them right after our flights. fingers crossed they make a difference! :) xo

  3. Replies
    1. so comfy!!! they have a million other cute patterns!

  4. I love 'what's in my bag/favorite things' posts!! That shirt is to die for!!

    My favorite plane accessory is this nap sac I bought before we went to Thailand. The pillow is inflatable and then fits right into the little zip up case, which holds a little blanket! I always sleep with micro plush blankets at home, so in addition to being practical, it's also a comfort when traveling! In hotel rooms it's extra nice and helps me sleep!

  5. I absolutely love the faux leather top and the down coat! So adorable!!

    Safe travels to India! I can't wait to see your adventures :)

  6. I want a clear bubble umbrella!

  7. i feel like i would really like that hoodiepillow thing. totally something i would use. i might have to check it out for our next trip! (if we ever escape and actually go on one...)

  8. I love the idea of the relax ally headband - I think I spend 30% of our travel time trying to move Tom's head back to an upright position given he is out like a light on every plane/bus/train we catch! I will certainly keep an eye out for your review :) They even ship to South Korea - excellent! I am actually sitting in a coffee shop in Seoul waiting for their Uniqlo to open - I'll have to check out their down jackets. I hope you have a great time in India and South Africa - Cape Town is gorgeous :)
    Tori ( @ )

  9. What a great idea. Did many people sign up to win?


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